Do All Rich People Go To Hell? No, Only Poor People Send Themselves There

Red and yellow tunnel leading to the rotating light. May symbolise way to heaven after death, clinical death, escape, exit, freedom, psychedelic vision or some frame from the SF movie.

For those of us who merely skim the surface of the scriptures and read them for what they are, it is not difficult to conclude this. Even the apostles, when told by Jesus that it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God were taken by surprise. They asked, “Who then can be saved?” Jesus offers a window and explains that while all seems impossible to man nothing is impossible to God.

Let us look at the other story of Lazarus and the Rich man in the Gospel. The rich man ignores Lazarus the poor beggar. He was not just an eyesore to the rich man but to everyone rich or poor who laid eyes upon him. I find it so ironic that another beggar St.Peter heals in the acts of the apostles sits at the “Beautiful gate”. In my opinion it’s a sign that God saw him as beautiful whereas rich people and the general public did not.

Back to the story of rich man and Lazarus. When they both died the rich man went to Hell and the poor man to heaven. You see, the rich man did not go to hell by virtue of being rich anymore than the poor man went to heaven by his virtue in being materially poor and destitute. No, the rich man went to Hell because of the improper use of his riches throughout life, not because he was wealthy and dripping in material gold.

The poor man went to heaven because he was spiritually rich and full of compassion and mercy. His humility in his materially poor state and not being stubborn and returning evil for evil saved him not his poverty. The rich man, although visibly rich, was indeed interiorly destitute and poor. In the world people look down their noses at poor people who are homeless beggars, but in the heavenly Kingdom, Angels look down their noses at people who are interiorly poor yet physically rich (or materially poor but without God doesn’t matter.)

For the Lord, the man with the humble state of mind and who is rich in mercy, is viewed as noble and worthy of the Kingdom. Therefore, not all rich people go to Hell, least not those who make proper use of their riches throughout life to help build up society and the Kingdom of the Lord. You can make as much money as you want, but it’s possessing the self awareness that riches tempt one to think he is God and thus become consumed by himself and the temporary power he holds in this life that poses a danger.

Yes, it’s true, and the Bible says it somewhere in the proverbs that there’s nothing worse than riches in the hands of a poor fool who lacks the wisdom (divine wisdom not worldly) to use it. Likewise there’s nothing worse than riches in the hands of a miser who was born into a culture of wealth and taught to despise those not of his own kind and will not treat the stranger. To possess money, temporary worldly power and a life of wealth without the Holy Spirit you might as well jump out of the trench and stand in no mans land, because at some point the demons will get you.

Look at St.Paul and follow his example. In Philippians he tells us that whether he be rich or poor he is always happy in the Lord. He tells us he’s happy when he has plenty and happy when he is without. That, my friends is a wealth worth having. That is the rich and noble life we should all aim for, not the one where we all race to be rich, gain the respect of the community and then leave behind some dumb legacy for our children. What legacy are you leaving behind when all you’re doing is perpetuating this culture of greed and snobbery? Fools!

Leave behind the legacy of a man who lived a True Life In God not a fake life in the world. Leave behind the legacy of being happy whether rich or poor for your children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Teach them that while striving to build wealth is not a problem in the world, that if they pray for the wisdom to use it they will be blessed. Teach them that while living in poverty is not always desirable depending upon their circumstances (i.e no vow of poverty chastity and obedience) that if they make good use of it and be cheerful in the Lord, they will possess a wealth no other man can take from them except themselves through slackness and stupidity. I say this because the greatest enemy a man has or the biggest thief that accompanies him is himself.

No my brothers and sisters, rich people do not go to Hell, poor people do. Poor people who lack the virtues and have given Christ their “No” through their improper use of riches go to Hell. Only poor people go to Hell, not rich people. No mercy, no humility, no love, no obedience to the Lord and his Church. That’s the type that will be stripped of even what they do possess and be flung into the eternal flames. Don’t be that person. Let go of the culture you’ve been brainwashed with. Let go of your pride and build for yourself a temple in the Heavenly Jerusalem. In fact, you are a temple of the Lord right now. You don’t see it, but like an old derelict castle lying in a field overgrown with weeds, thistles and brambles is how you appear before the Lord when lacking virtue.

Build up your temple with virtue. Let the Lord see you for what he created you as. The Lord created you as a noble person. You descend from nobility and your Father is the King of Kings. Remove the weeds, get rid of the thistle and thorns that choke your castle and make it ugly. Take a broom to your soul and sweep out the snakes that have made a home there and become a new man, a new woman. Give space to the Holy Spirit in your life and you will see amazing things happen. Don’t be that poor person lacking in virtue and dressed in the rags of greed and sin who goes to Hell and now lives a life of eternal regret. Please, don’t be him.

Learn to live a True Life in God.

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