Mistakes Made And Errors To Be Corrected

Dear readers I recently wrote a blog post on Hell. In my rush to write it and all that is going on in my busy life I sat here this evening and realized I made an error. In fact it was the Holy Spirit who guided me to see my error. I had spoken in that post about the rich man and Lazarus the poor beggar found in Luke chapter 16. I said he sat at the beautiful gate confusing him with the beggar healed by St.Peter in the Acts of the Apostles who was the one that sat my the beautiful gate. It’s still great imagery if used the appropriate context and so I’ve plans to correct the error made and do some editing tomorrow. How did I discover my error? Just now before retiring for the night I opened the Bible and random and it fell on the passage of St.Peter healing the beggar at the beautiful gate. Whoops. I need to take more care in my writing because when I write to fast and from memory without research errors can be made. God bless.

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