Don’t Wait For The Storm To Get Too Big Before Asking Jesus For Help

I’ve been getting migraines lately. They usually come every few months or so. My Doctor gave me this really strong medication. She told me I should take it as soon as the headache makes an appearance instead of trying to manage the pain myself before it gets too bad at which point the medication is useless.

This happened the apostles. Even though the Gospel isn’t explicit in describing the scene it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what took place. The storm came on lightly, grew strong within a short space of time and the apostles were relying on their own power to control the situation.

Then, realizing Jesus is asleep and entirely indifferent to the situation there’s a sort of annoyance going on that Jesus being God didn’t step in without request and meet their needs. For this reason they complain to him asking him if he even cares they’re all going to die.

Jesus rebukes them for their lack of faith, why? Because they tried to control the situation themselves and only chose Jesus as a last resort. They put more faith into their own ability to manage the storm over and above Jesus power to quiet everything down.

Lucky for them, Jesus isn’t an unforgiving migraine who turns around and says, “too bad for you, you chose not to take the medication and thought you’d handle all that pain without me. Now it’s too late and there’s little I can do to help.”

No! Jesus rebukes the wind and calms the sea down for them, but he gives them a strong rebuke for not having put their trust in Him over and above themselves.

There are many times when we have done this in our lives. We’ve all put faith in our own ability to manage the storm instead of calling on Jesus. It’s only when after all of our efforts to manage our troubles have failed, do we end up in the Church the door of which we have not darkened since we made our first Holy Communion. In the dimly lit Church we add to that dim light another little candle asking for Gods help.

You can almost see Jesus roll his eyes as he would’ve done on many occasion with the apostles saying, “Finally, They’ve figured it out and after 20 years of not coming to Mass . . . .” Remember that it always make sense to pray BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER THE STORM. Then, we won’t see it happening but somehow the storm will blow over and the Lord will calm those waves.

It’s so important to pray AFTER the storm because thanksgiving is very important to Jesus. The apostles didn’t do this. What they do? After seeing all these miracles he performed they preferred to show how little faith they had yet again by asking who Jesus was that the wind and sea obey him.

Always remember to thank God for either having calmed the storm or getting you through the storm he allowed you to endure for your spiritual training and benefit. There are times when the storm brews and Jesus prefers to stay asleep that we think he doesn’t care when in fact enduring the storm is for the good of our souls.

It’s important we understand that life lesson too. Remember, there are saints out there who ask to be delivered from the storm, and then there are saints who want Jesus to make the waves go even higher and complain when there’s no lightening.

I hope I didn’t rock the boat too much with this blog post and you’ve understood all the points I’ve made. Have a blessed Sunday.

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