How The Devil Operates

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

There are many times when we underestimate the power and craftiness of a being far beyond our intelligence. There are many ways in which he creeps in and around us to cause some serious damage and confusion that he might warp Gods plan.

This was precisely the reaction of my spiritual father when I told him about my invitation to the diaconate. I explained that a few days prior to being invited to consider the diaconate I got hit by an almighty wave of depression and anger. It was unexplainable really and such was my mood that I had also got angry at God. I decided I was going to hit the reset button and ignore God altogether by going back to live a secular life.

I got a hammer and pried all my icons off my icon wall and gave my enormous hand crafted statue of Our Lady of Fatima away all in the space of a few hours. People kept asking me, “Why are you doing this?” I replied in anger, “It’s all too much! It’s too much stuff. I’m fed up of it all.” The funny thing is that such was I in the habit of going to weekly confession that even in such a mood I attended confession.

When Fr.X asked me to become a deacon and that he had already spoken to the vocations director about me who plans to call me I was in no position to say yes. I had the very spiritual disposition of one who would say no. How crafty is the Devil?

Unbeknownst to me he had witnessed this conversation and plan of the priests to ask me to become a deacon. He then decided to do his best to put me in the most fowl of moods possible that I would then possess the spiritual disposition to say “no, not interested.” And I very nearly did say no. After that we went camping in the wilds and my wife had a dream that night that there were enemies of mine who were saying I wasn’t worthy to be a deacon.

My son confessed to having a similar dream that same night where people stood outside the Church and would not let me inside. According to him I pushed them aside and said, “I’m going in.” All interesting and interesting to see how the Devil operates.

If we are not careful, we will miss how it is this sly enemy of ours strategizes to destroy Gods plans. He does it using other sometimes good and holy people to do his handiwork. At other times he uses our own ignorance and overwhelms us with depression. Then there are those moments when he enters the unawaken state of sleep in an attempt to put us in a state of anxious uneasiness.

My spiritual father spoke about the importance of perception and reflection on everything. The Devil works best undetected, and if we don’t keep our eyes open to his tricks, he’ll tear us apart in a heartbeat. The entire intent of his is bent on thwarting Gods will, which is useless because God is all powerful.

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