The Latin Mass Has Become A Source Of Division Rather Than Unity

Source: Wiki

The Latin Mass is a beautiful one. We need to respect the fact that many people have different expressions of theology and ways in which they’re comfortable worshipping the Lord. At the same time we need to balance that with discipline and acknowledge the devils presence where things can easily spiral out of control.

From my own experience and that of others from around the globe, the Latin Mass attracts not just people who want to worship the Lord in that particular mode, but also those who have extremist tendencies in theology. In Ireland in particular it seems to attract a sort of mindset who are clinging to the severe moral theology of Jansenism a heresy of the 17th century. This is evident in how they behave and the things in which they believe.

What happens is these Latin parishes are in danger of becoming a sort of Den for the snake of spiritual pride to sink its teeth into unsuspecting newcomers on the look out for a deeper spirituality. These parishes become a sort of clique or group that these souls use to separate themselves from the rest of the Church and society in general. When a person comes along looking for the Lord and they are quite immature in their faith, they can easily be persuaded and roped into this type of mindset.

Latin Masses can be a source of division among the Catholic laity where it creates an US (Latin Mass with the Orthodox way of doing things) VS THEM ( Vatican II Mass who are all unorthodox and doing it the wrong way). This permission of the Latin Mass is an incredibly dangerous approach to solving the liturgical crisis. It’s understood that many priests use the Latin Mass to stop people from going all the way to the SSPX, but in my opinion it still perpetuates the danger of schism.

What is the solution? I think the solution I’m sorry to say, is to have the Latin Mass to be said only among the clergy in a monastic setting away from the laity. There needs to be a return to Orthodox liturgical discipline in the Post Vatican II liturgical celebration the present unorthodoxy of which is the primary influence and cause of such division and schisms.

It’s time to stop thinking that these Latin Masses are preventing the schism. The reason I say this is because the extremists who tend to darken its door already have schism in their heart with the extreme and severe form of theology they engage with. They present a real threat to the rest of the Catholic Church and community even though small in number. There comes a time when the Church must be tough in its approach to clamping down on such behaviour even if that means sadly having to let these people decide what Church they want to be a part of.

There will be many who read this and assume I’m some sort of left leaning liberal who most likely believes women can be priests. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have been accused of this in the past but I don’t play the left or right game at all. I’m neither of these. I’m a Catholic and it is through the lens of Sacred Scripture and Tradition that I measure the world. I think that all forms of extremism in the Church should be dealt with whether it be extreme left leaning theologians or those who swerve to the extreme right. It doesn’t matter to the Lord, who only wants unity in his Church not division.

St.Paul was quick to stomp out this behaviour when people began to form different groups according to their favourite apostle one thinking they’re more orthodox than the other. St.Paul recognized the danger of this forming groups nonsense and was quick to put the flame of that temptation out before it spread and burned the rest of the community. Latin Masses act in pretty much the same way. “We are for the Latin way of doing things and are Orthodox, you Ordinary folks are unorthodox and your way of doing things disturb us.”

That is not a healthy environment at all for a Church supposedly built on community, love and unity in faith and morals. I’m not doctor but if I saw a wound like that I’d be looking to amputate that leg right away.

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