Give To Jesus What You Can Afford

This morning I awoke and began listening to my Bible on Audible. It’s a dramatic version of the scriptures recited by well-known, talented and seasoned actors. It came to the passage of the widows mite in Mark Chapter 12.

He sat down opposite the treasury and watched the people putting money
into the treasury, and many of the rich put in a great deal. ·A poor widow came
and put in two small coins, the equivalent of a penny. ·Then he called
his disciples and said to them, “I tell you solemnly, this poor widow has
put more in than all who have contributed to the treasury; ·for they have all put
in money they had over, but she from the little she had has put in everything
she possessed, all she had to live on.”

I couldn’t help but think of the True Life In God message I read a few days prior of Jesus to Vassula dated 25th of September 1997. In it we read:

 I shall not be hard on anyone so long as I find readiness in them; have you not heard: “a man is acceptable with whatever he can afford;” so, you who read Me and are My Work too, come to Me, as you are, and I, in My perfect Love, will perfect you;

True Life In God, 25th September, 1997

This morning my wife told me she was upset and crying because she felt that she’s not good enough. She cannot meet the expectations and live up to the ideal required of her by either God, the Church or her peers who surround her.

We are slaves to human approval and what others think of us. We are enslaved to the understanding that perfection must come all at once or the journey is useless and will be abandoned sooner or later. Sometimes we look at the peak of the mountain instead of focusing on the path. This observation makes the journey seem long, arduous and it overwhelms us to the point where we abandon the path altogether and give in to defeat.

In the treasury of many some are rich and possess the grace of God and have much to give. They are rich in religion because they’ve had good parents who brought them up that way and so there’s an abundance to give. Even though they give plenty, the Lord demonstrates to us that while they appear to be giving, they themselves, living in the comfort of religion don’t always give their whole heart to the Lord.

Newcomers to the faith or those who don’t possess either the psychological or spiritual disposition to be able to attain the religious ideal often feel they are of no value before these people or God. They’re embarrassed to come into Church because they’re homosexual and there’s a certain sense of the feeling of exclusion. At other times they may be in a relationship with 6 children out of wedlock to three different women and the current woman they’re with is unmarried and they live together. Their conscience accuses them of all sorts and so they feel they don’t belong in the Church.

They have not met the ideal image of how the Church perceives marriage and sexuality to be. It’s understandable, then, that upon entering the Church with their two coins and whatever it is they can afford from their store of virtue, they would feel of little value. To the Lord it’s important a person gives from the heart and that is what separated the widow from those who could afford to give more to the treasury. They did it out of a sense of duty and it was not a cry from the heart.

The poor woman gave everything she possessed not just materially but spiritually. When she dropped those two coins into the box she didn’t just give everything she lived on from a financial point of view. No! she gave to God her soul in whatever finite and brittle state it happened to be in. This is what God wants from us. He wants us to come as we are and stand before him with whatever it is we can afford to give.

In doing so we make a great investment with our two coins because God will then multiply these coppers first into silver and provided we work hard, eventually gold. Before long although you will still be materially poor yet shall live like a king for you will be sitting in the mansion of Divine indifference to the world and happy in His Graces that will adorn your soul like the finest of Kingly robes.

Did you buy your house in a day? Did that car in your driveway just land on your lap suddenly? No, you worked for it and it took some time to build your earthly castle. The spiritual castle is no different for we all begin the journey as peasants and not all of us reach the ideal before departing this world. But if upon closing your eyes the Lord found a man who had the readiness so desired in him, then this is a man that is acceptable to God.

Throughout history there are those who fought, won and lived to see another day, and still there were those who fought and sadly died in defeat fighting. Both are acceptable to God and both are seen as great warriors. Whatever battle you are fighting, fight it and be a warrior not a deserter. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, let the King of Kings see the readiness in you to offer yourself for his Kingdom and he will reward you with great joy.

In this post I want to show that while giving whatever you can afford is acceptable to the Lord, remaining in your sinful state is not. It’s important that we do not retire for the night on the bed of sin but that of virtue only to awaken the next morning and continue the journey to perfection. And like the widows mite, learn to give it not out of a sense of duty, but of love. Be like the poor widow and give the two coins you have, give it your all.

Do not look at the peak of the mountain and become overwhelmed by the journey. Look at the narrow path and learn to walk it with joy. Even though you may not be as finely dressed and prepared as every other traveler along the way following the same path as you, yet, if you have the boots of determination on, you may find yourself sitting atop the mountain before the rest of them.

Come to the Lord as you are, not as you are seen by other people nor as how you see yourself. Put your two coppers in the box and and walk the path with the rest of us imperfect people rich or poor. Be inspired by those saints who once stood before the Lord with whatever they could afford and were transformed into souls dripping in gold of virtue and were given the crown.

Imitate them as they imitated Christ. Continue with your confession, Sunday Mass, small prayers throughout the week and leave it all in Gods hands. For those who give what they can and leave it in Gods hand, will soon discover the hand of God in their daily life and activities in time.

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