Maintaining Your Childs Christian Faith In A World Facing The Wrong Way

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Today my 8 year old son ran down the stairs and for the first time in my life I heard him take our Lords name in vain. The door bell rang and It was like a sword to my soul when he shouted “Jesus Christ” as he ran to answer it. I immediately leapt to my feet and 8 years old or not you got to jump on that behaviour and stomp it out as soon it makes an appearance. It matters not how ignorant they are of the severity of such an utterance because as parents it’s our job even at that young age to make them aware.

I already knew the answer to my question but asked it anyway. “Where did you learn it?” I asked. He replied, “From my friend John (I’ve changed his name for reasons of privacy) who lives in the new estate over there.” I thought to myself, “I break with my own rules, let them out for 5 minutes to mingle with the world and now I’ve to contend with this headache.”

I know that although “Bad friends ruin the noblest of people” says Saint Paul, that I cannot completely lock them up in a cupboard altogether. I need to teach them how to interact with the world, how to be distinct in their behaviour while also blending in with the crowd somewhat so that they don’t end up becoming an absolute target.

My sons were so surprised when I said that taking our Lords name in vain is worse than the F-Bomb. My sons eyes widened in surprise. “In fact” wanting to cash in further on their surprise, “if you were to take all the bad curse words in the world and combine them together they would still not be as bad as taking our Lords name in vain.”

It’s natural for our sons to imitate their friends because we tend to imitate what we love and cherish most. If we’ve made a new friend, there is this tendency for both to absorb one another’s behaviour. It may be their clothes, manner of speech such as their accents or the words they use. It’s up to us as Christian parents to have our children maintain their Christian faith so that instead of copying their peers, their peers may indeed desire to copy them.

How do we do this? The ultimate way is to have our children make Jesus their best friend. Since they imitate what they love, should they love Christ, they will seek to imitate him. After all that is how saints are made. In addition to this we must be honest with them and teach them how fragile the human will and mind is. Demonstrate to them that while they may not at first compromise, eventually through the pressure of the majority they will cave in and conform to societies expectations of them and not that of Christs.

I demonstrated this fact in a fun way by showing them a YouTube Video (Posted below). The video is about 2 minutes long and is a scientific experiment done in the 1960s. They take one individual and place him in an elevator full of actors all facing the wrong way with their backs to the front door. One man fails to conform but eventually and through time, he gives in to the pressure of the group and decides to face the wrong way.

As for the youngest of their victims, well, they really play with him and have him face every which way but the right one. It’s proof of how young minds are more easily influenced than the older generation which is why politicians want to reduce the voting age. The younger they are the easier they are to be brainwashed and have them vote the wrong way.

My sons had a good laugh at the video but also learned a valuable lesson. I told them to always remember how fragile humans are and that while it may seem like human nature to follow others, as Christian’s our calling is to transcend that nature and make it obey us.

Finally the penny dropped and so I’m hopeful that through this kind of repeated process of teaching them about the fragility of their human nature and the importance of making Christ their ultimate friend, they will learn to face the right way regardless of what direction their friends are standing in.

It’s not that all their friends are bad people because there are good friends with bad traits and bad friends who are not worth having at all. The real problem is their friends have developed bad habits from the adult world around them beginning with their parents. In Ireland we have a saying that what is in the cat is in the kitten. One parents bad traits often seep into their offspring. It’s a cycle that can only ultimately be broken and interrupted by the Cross of Christ and repentance and a sort of radical revolution of the mind, soul and body which takes time.

In the end it’s up to us to decide if these friends are ones worth having, but I’m trying not to throw the towel in straight away and resort to becoming a domestic hermit. Sometimes the only answer may seem to run away and I’m not going to rule out that option. But at the same time we must explore and consider the other one which is to say arm your children with the best possible advice available to you.

Offer your children the ability to interact with others. Let them bring Christ to the stranger through how they carry themselves in front of their friends. In doing so you’d be surprised how profitable they may be in gaining souls and turning hearts. But they cannot do this if mummy and daddy are not doing it. Neither can they do it if the parents have the ability to teach yet through laziness abandon their children to the fate of a world who will teach them to face every which way but the right one. Don’t be that parent.

(11) y2mate com prudential everybodys doing it BgRoiTWkBHU 1080p – YouTube

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