Too Much Religion Is Bad For You

Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay

I’m convinced that too much of anything is bad for you. Too much fast food, sugar, donuts, salad, fruit, beer, water. It doesn’t matter if it’s healthy or will give you a heart attack because we have to admit that sometimes eating too much of one thing is just not good for you. Life is all about balance and equilibrium.

I’m also convinced that sometimes too much religion can be bad for you. It sounds bizarre coming from me who has been a part of the Church now for 13 years. It doesn’t seem like long but in that period I’ve seen and been witness to a lot of crazy stuff, and I’m not imagining things, some folk are just in need of some serious spiritual help.

I’ve been reading a book on exorcism by Father Gabriel Amorth and I can hand on heart say it’s an amazing book. But it made me think about the people I’ve met over the years who’ve had a tendency to obsess about this stuff and I’ve met a lot of them. The devils in their soup and plastic fork. He’s in the lamp post outside their door or has taken possession of their cat. The devils taken possession of that politician right there. “Look” they shout, “Look at his eyes. You them eyes? The devils in them.”

I’ve noticed there’s no joy in their lives and by making the topic of exorcism their life’s entertainment very rarely let their hair down and just enjoy life once in a while. For them the devil is everywhere and there’s no peace in these people. One could certainly see such behaviour as diabolical oppression in which these individuals who obsess about the topic could probably do with an exorcism themselves. I’m not lying when I say I’d prefer the company of hardened killers than these misguided nuisances.

We can’t deny the force of evil at work in the world, but lets put more emphasis on the force of God and good in this hell hole. It’s already upside down as it is lets place a heavier emphasis on the presence of God instead of all this devil talk. Most people of this nature tend to have never converted or repented of their sinful habits and have a seriously shaking catechetical upbringing. Misguided as they are then wander into very dangerous territory on the study of exorcism. And being so misguided often allow themselves to become a major target.

All I’m asking is for you try and put your feet up every now and again and ask yourself whether or not you place too much emphasis on exorcism and the workings of evil in your life. Enjoy the topic of exorcism (I certainly think it’s a very important one) but make it seldom and leave it to those who God has chosen for such a ministry. Don’t obsess over it daily, it’s not good practice in my opinion. Even Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI when asked if he liked to get away from theology he said yes, and liked to take walks in the garden.

Enjoy that glass of red wine, Binge watch your favourite show on Netflix, start petting your dog instead of constantly throwing Holy water at him and find some balance in your spiritual life.

God bless.

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