Why Did God Send His Only Son To Be Crucified To Save The World And Not Some Other Less Cruel Way?

I recall watching a debate in Belfast between an Irish theologian with a few years on him and Richard Dawkins, an atheist. Richard asked an interesting question which was why did God send Jesus to be crucified. Why send his only Son to die in such a cruel way and not redeem humanity in some other form that didn’t involve so much violence? This question is coming from a man who believes all babies with down Syndrome should be aborted I’ll say no more. The funny thing about atheists is that they complain about the apparent violence of God while neglecting their own violent philosophies that are often a direct result of their atheism.

I’m not beating my breast here when I say this, but it was an easy question to answer. The Catholic Christian professor got totally stumped by it and true to his intellectual form, dodged and went around it. He absolutely ignored the question.

God knows humans more than humans do. He knew that humans value nothing more than sacrificial love for the good of the other. By this I mean the highest virtue in mankind one can attain is to lay ones life down for a friend, relative and most especially a stranger. For this reason, the Lord wanted to be so united to all of us that he sent His only Son into the world, and His Son of His own Will lay down His life for everyone so that all could be saved.

If he had sent a donkey to do it, it wouldn’t have made any sense. Instead he came as one of us so that we really relate to the sacrifice. And it was such a violent act because in this world, every sacrificial act of Love that involves the death of another while violent in appearance nevertheless is virtuous in the spirit. In fact, the more violent the sacrifice, the more inclined we are to be amazed and intrigued by this act of love.

I used to do it all the time when I was selling something to someone. I’d imitate their behaviour and even mirror their body language. It makes them feel more comfortable in my presence that they can relate to my actions. Same with Jesus, he wanted humanity to be able to relate to His actions. Like the sales man who gathers information on what his client likes and does not like not to mention his personality, so Jesus did the same with us.

He knew beforehand what humans value most of all and that is life itself and most especially to lay that life down for a complete stranger. With that in mind, he came and laid down His life for all of us so that we may attain eternal life. The more violent the death, the more cruel the Sacrifice, the more responsive we would be towards it.

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