Do Aliens Exist?

Image by Daniela Realpe from Pixabay

There’s a lot of talk recently on Aliens. When I would scroll through my Netflix channel (no longer a subscriber) there was an enormous amount of material on extra-terrestrial beings. There were stories of Alien abductions, crop circles and to be honest less than convincing videos of UFO’s.

It’s not really a topic I’m interested in but that’s not to say I’ve never explored it before. I just don’t find it as entertaining as lets say a documentary on the lost civilization of some tribe in the Amazon.

Pope Francis recently came out and said he’d be quite willing to baptize an Alien if any existed. Ha ha, I love the Pope, he’s great. Some of us are quite comfortable where we are and do not want to open our minds to this possibility of other life forms. I find that an unfortunate position to take because the subject matter is an interesting one worth discussing and investigating.

My own personal belief independent of what de-classified dodgy videos America releases is that it’s probable they do exist. God is not confined by the Churches dogma and morals. He is not bound by this alone and is free to create other worlds and conceal the knowledge of these from us. The Lord does what he likes independent of us tiny creatures.

The following maybe rejected by the more stiff necked Catholics because it’s considered private revelation and not dogma but for those of naïve childlike faith it’s worth noting. It was mentioned at Garabandal by Our Lady that God has created other worlds inhabited by beings similar to ourselves. Apparently they know who Jesus is and are saved. A distinction was also made that when it comes to sinfulness we are the absolute whore of Babylon in comparison to them.

There is a tendency or temptation to close the doors on this subject by Catholics who want God all to themselves. These Catholics are a bit like the bird who accepts the cage it lives in and never wants to take a peak outside for fear of what the unknown might bring them. Don’t be so by the book. Stop living by the letter of the law all the time and be open to at least the possibility of these things and explore them.

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