A Visit From The Holy Mountain

An image of my icon from my phone.

I have an icon of a Greek Orthodox Saint Paisios of the Holy Mountain who died in 1994 and was canonized a saint by the Orthodox Church in 2013. This morning I stared at his icon on my wall for a bit. Suddenly, I began to think about his feast day and when that is celebrated.

I was going to create a Facebook post asking my Ortho friends about this and it’s been on my mind all day to do so. Then I was scrolling through my YouTube feed and discovered a video that celebrates his feast day which happens to be tomorrow. 😮

He was obviously communicating to me somehow that his feast was imminent and I should remember him in some way. I love how the Saints work don’t you? For the record I’m not Greek Orthodox but of the Catholic tradition, however I’m quite the ecumenist and I mingle both Catholic and Orthodox saints together on my wall.

The two icons I have from the Orthodox Church are everything we hold in common and Paisios and St.Matrona of Moscow a blind woman known for her many charisms. In fact I had a dream about her many years ago. I was in my local Church and everyone was lining up to venerate her in person. When my turn came she held my hand and if I remembered correctly asked me to hurry and come. There was this sense of urgency she was trying to convey to me.

It’s a strange old world and many who come under my roof are always uncertain of my affiliation. Is he Orthodox or Catholic? The truth is I’m with the Lord on this one and that is to say I view the Church as one just as he does. I like to look at my wall as a modern unified Church that is ahead of its time. I often pray to the Orthodox Saints for this unity. My icon wall is a precursor to what a unified Church would look like.

One day, all Saints Orthodox and Catholic will be venerated by all the Churches. There will be no more barriers. That day is coming, it’s just a matter of time and when the Lord will bring it. I’m like the person who can’t hold his excitement for such a day and that excitement gets manifested on my icon wall.

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