The Destruction Of All That Is Beautiful

Source: Public Domain

When I was young there were certain kids on the street that would without cause destroy their new toys. Children do not change and recently I witnessed it in my own neighborhood. I watched as they would take a brand new toy and smack it on the ground. You could visibly see the joy in their faces as the thrill they got from this was like some sort of drug to them.

Children, especially those below the age of reason have no sense of what things are worth. They know nothing of the work their parents put in to get them that toy. Sometimes when we are handed gifts there is this tendency to treat them with contempt. We are not bothered by the loss of something we didn’t earn.

It reminded me of the story a Muslim man once told. I can’t remember where I heard it. He explained that when in Iraq he saw a Muslim man washing these really old pair of shoes in the river. Beside him were shoes that looked much nicer and were probably better off on his feet and taken care of than the pair he was washing. He asked him why he would wash the old worn out pair and not the new ones?

The man replied, “I paid for these, the other pair were a gift”.

When it comes to spiritual gifts we are no different. It’s always a normal process for a country who are born into the religion to grow up and treat it with scorn. The gift of baptism is something I treated with contempt. The grace of my Catholic faith like a new toy I took and smashed it into the ground without any regard for the Lord who gave it to me. I would pass the Church and turn my nose up at the Cross Jesus was nailed to for my salvation.

I became a self-styled philosopher who toyed around with faith and morals, accepting this teaching and rejecting the other. I took the gift of my own soul and gashed myself with every sin imaginable. I took the toy of my body and got great joy from smashing it with sex, drink and drugs. I took what is Holy and like the pig I am, trampled on every pearl given me by the Lord.

Like the child who does not understand the value of the toy they possess, only when it’s gone and cannot be replaced, do we realize the price of something. When Jesus speaks to people in the Gospel he tries to make them understand that If only they knew what was being offered and who it was that stood before them they would not behave with so much contempt for Him.

The truth is some of us never grow up. In our ignorance we are always taking the gifts of the Lord and squandering them all. We get great fun out of throwing stones at our faith and destroying the beauty of it. Why? Because we didn’t work for it that’s why, it was given freely to us by the Lord. It was the Lord who worked for it and we are simply enjoying the fruits of His labour.

Sadly, only when we’ve passed from this life and the ability to replace the seemingly unreplaceable has been forfeited through ignorance do we realize the mistake we made. When we come face to face with Jesus and are made aware of how we treated what he gave us with utter contempt, that’s when reality hits home. What parent seeing their child take their new toy and break it for mindless fun would fail to punish them? Why, then, be angry when the Lord justly punishes you with the fires of purgatory for your reckless behaviour towards the free gift of what is Holy?

You toy around with your faith and treat it with scorn and expect to walk away unseen and unscathed? When we see a parent do nothing about their child’s behavior we say, “What kind of parent is that?” and when we observe another parent rightly punish his child for his actions we nod our heads and say, “Good for him, that’s how parenting is done, give that little boy what he deserves and he’s unlikely to do that again. That’s a father who loves his son.”

But when the Lord and Father of all dishes out a bit of punishment you wag your heads and call him evil? You call him a Father who doesn’t love you. Ha!. You expect to take the great gift of your faith and splatter it against the wall and not be receive any heavenly rebuke? But while we are here the gift is replaceable and while it is still replaceable we should work very hard for the bread of awareness that the Lord may open our eyes to the wonderful gift of eternal salvation he has placed before us.

Stop destroying what is beautiful. If only you knew who it was that gave you your Catholic faith and understood fully the gift, you would not be so quick to treat it with contempt. Take care of the body and soul the Lord gave you because while here on earth it can be repaired, in Hell it cannot ever be replaced and will be lost for all eternity. When it’s gone it’s gone so use this time now to appreciate the gift of your Catholic faith.

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