How To Get Someone Back To The Faith Without Overwhelming Them?

Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

There are Christians out there who, being gripped by the Holy Spirit can come across as a bit much for people to take. Sometimes it’s their extravert personality and at other times it may be just that they’re given graces that make them come across as overtly excited and a bit distinct from what is normal. A good spiritual master will help such people develop balance and to help them learn how to harness such graces and calm down.

Sometimes no matter what spiritual advice is given, nothing will help and so much like a drug, you have to let it run its course in a person before it dies out and they’re ready to take a new approach. If it’s not the personality that overwhelms it could be that you’re throwing too much religion at them too soon. Posting them too much religious material especially the kind that is beyond their understanding can be a turn off.

Pushing an invitation to come along to some sort of Christian gathering is also another nail in the coffin of relations between you and them. Make the invitation the best you can and leave them be. It’s very important you know yourself before you get to know the person you’re evangelizing. What do they like? What kind of personality do they have? Are they introvert, extravert? You’re job then is to be a bit of an ambivert and learn how to be both these things. This is no easy task if, say, you happen to be introvert or extravert by nature.

You don’t want to be the opposite either. You don’t want to be afraid of being so overwhelming that you come across as arrogant. I once went into a retreat of youths when I was in my early 20’s and none of the veteran Christian youth among them spoke to me. They let me hang in the room with an eerie silence that would give you the impression you’re unwelcome.

The key to approaching another person is to take your time with stuff that may be over their heads intellectually or that which may spiritually spook them. But if you get a sense that they’re open to that kind of thing then go ahead and speak about it. Again, it’s always about getting a taste for the person you’re speaking with and getting a sense of what they’re capable of consuming.

I once met someone who was going back to the Church, they spoke to me about how they paid visits to clairvoyants. I was sending them to confession and because I knew they were already open to the concept of spiritual things, I told them to expect an interruption from the Devil who will put obstacles in their way. It may come in the form of an accident. He may cause an argument to arise between them and someone else on the day or leading up to it. I explained the argument will put them in such a fowl mood it will turn them off going to confession.

This worked and although some minor obstacles came along, the insight helped them because in advance I’d given them the secret to look for. Like a sergeant who makes his platoon aware of what to expect when crossing the battlefield, I did the same with this person and so they were able to spot what was taking place. They did it without being spooked because they were already open to that sort of concept.

I had a woman on the day of her confession appointment ring me in tears on the phone, “I can’t go to the priest. I can’t go to confession I’m in such a bad mood because of so and so. . . ” Again, because she was open to the concept I told her not to worry it’s the Devil who has unleashed Hell upon you to stop you. In the end God gave her the grace to see the devils tricks and be able to see how it was not a coincidence and she went.

If I were to say that to the average joe on the street, although they may not protest right away, secretly in their hearts they’re spooked and will avoid then the subject of religion altogether. I may call to check up on them and they’ll make excuse after excuse as to why they can’t meet with me. Therefore different more long term simple tactics are applied such as, “Don’t worry, there’s always another day, let’s reschedule that for you.”

More obstacles arise from people going to confession than those going for an exorcism because confession is mightier than an Exorcism. It is the highest form of exorcism and even once visit means the soul gets to start again and the devil loses a soul.

In exorcism he has control of the body and so although supernatural in nature and visually frightening, he doesn’t have control of the soul. In a person whose soul is in debt to sin, well, he’s got them and through confession you’re helping that person get rid of him sometimes without them knowing it.

I’ve digressed a little but felt it important to give you that little nugget of knowledge.

It’s crucial to know that when helping rescue others from the hands of the world and ultimately that of the devil not to put your foot in the door and be too intense. Let them say no when they say no and don’t be so pushy.

There are people out there and no matter what you say or do you must accept you cannot help them. You must inevitably leave them to prayer and wait until they’re sick enough of the world to begin asking questions and want to leave it of their own accord.

When I was a sales man going from door to door, I could always spot the person who would never buy. I wouldn’t push the sale mostly because I knew I’d only be wasting my time. And in the world of sales time is money. It’s the same with evangelization, time is precious and so it’s important not to waste it on those who have zero interest in it no matter how much you sing and dance for them.

All the Lord wants to see is that you made an effort to grab as much souls as you could before you leave this world. But in order to do that certain tactics need to be employed otherwise, under the guise of piety, you end up scattering the sheep without knowing it. Seriously, I’ve come across many people who’ve read all these spiritual books and think they’re some sort of spiritual master. They go out and start talking to converts at retreats and spooking them with all the devil talk that is above their heads.

I’d one woman go and tell a man in a wheelchair that the devil was the cause of his infirmity. Sometimes that is the case, sometimes that is not the case, but you don’t go up and say that to someone not schooled in the faith. Why did the woman do that? Because she read books and very high end spiritual material without spiritual direction. The devil is so crafty you wouldn’t believe how he gets the blind to lead the blind.

Be careful not to overwhelm others with too much religion. Bring them gently into the faith without too much talk about spiritual matters that they’re not quite ready to consume. Get a sense of who they are, what they like, what they don’t like. Think before you speak. Become a genuine friend in their life and don’t come across as someone who simply wants to put another notch in their belt of converts. Remember that humans are fragile, no matter what social class they come from, high or low, you must always handle with care.

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