You’re Brainwashed

Image by Dr StClaire from Pixabay

I often get told I’m brainwashed. The irony is I’m told this mostly by a secular culture who are themselves brainwashed. Whenever you step outside of the norm and go against the cult of the secular world, you’re often portrayed as being distinct from the crowd. For this reason you provoke hostility from them which manifests itself in name calling such as, “You’re brainwashed, you’re indoctrinated”.

To be brainwashed means to be forcibly fed a different belief. In todays culture that is not how they tend to contextualize it. In every day language, when someone says you’re brainwashed it generally means you’ve been persuaded to allow yourself be fed a different way of thinking.

The truth is we’ve all been brainwashed. From the moment we are born we’ve all been influenced by our upbringing on how to behave, think and act. There is this thin veneer of freedom of thought but everything we think or do is influenced by something or someone. Other than having the free will to accept or reject something, can we really say we are free to think for ourselves?

The proposal that you’re brainwashed is a hostile way of saying you’re not normal. You’ve placed yourself outside the border of collective secular thought. Or you could be labelled brainwashed because you’ve placed yourself outside your religious group who all collectively believe that what they have is the truth.

Either way throughout life two things will happen you. Either you are brainwashed with the truth or you are brainwashed with lies. I firmly believe I’ve been persuaded to believe in the truth. A family member of mine firmly believes having read all the material of the popular atheists, that he has being persuaded by them to become atheist. Either way, both of us have been influenced and persuaded to believe something.

That is the culture we live in. But as a Catholic I’m mostly told I’m brainwashed and I always tell them Yes, my brain has had a good wash and I’m now free of the world and live in the truth. I make them aware that they too have been brainwashed by their culture. Then I sit back and watch their heads spin with confusion as they wrestle with the truth of such a response.

Don’t feel intimidated by a world brainwashed with lies when they come knocking on your door to offer you “mental help”. The truth is they’re much worse off than you and the only reason they’re not all in a mental asylum is because there are far too many of them.

That’s coming from someone whose brother had 4 police men arrest me under the pretense of being aggressive towards him for making fun of my religion but when I got to the police station a doctor was called to “evaluate me” as they wanted to have me admitted to a mental asylum for my religious beliefs. My brother couldn’t handle my conversion experience and the nature of my conversion was too much for him. In the end the Doctor came and after having told him my conversion story, I saw him at Mass with his family the next week. The police became Irate with my brother and let me go.

When you become Catholic remember that you have not been handed a life of peace. Yes, there are moments of peace but what you have been handed is a great big Cross. When you become Catholic, you are now brainwashed from the dirt of the world and all the devils eyes will be upon you. And depending upon what you’ve been given by the Lord, that will make you an even bigger target.

When you come to the faith either by pure faith or a faith aided by sight, you are going to attract a lot of heat from the demons that govern the air and control this world especially the latter calling as they now know that you know something the rest don’t. You will be seen as crazy and brainwashed even by religious people simply because of your distinct and eccentric behavior. It’s a silent war that you must endure until the end trusting in Gods providence and timing in all that takes place.

The trick is to try not to be too distinct when living in the world so as not to attract too much attention that you will destroy yourselves and any chances of bringing others to the faith. Like St.Paul who became a Jew to a Jew pretending to be like them to save a Jew it’s important sometimes to go undercover and keep your mouth shut about spiritual matters that are far beyond even the intellectual infirmities of some priests and Bishops.

Brainwashed? Yes you are into the truth that is, and don’t you dare be embarrassed by it one bit either even if that means being surrounded by every threat imaginable. Now, go out and brainwash the rest of them and save the souls of the very ones who claim you’re brainwashed. Take the sponge of the Lords Gospel and give them a good scrubbing hahahahaha. 😉

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