Three Movies That Demonstrate God Trying To Reach Humanity

God has to respect mans free will and his ability to choose him at least on a grand scale. God can actually present himself to someone which really helps them choose him, but even when that takes place man still has to decide for Himself if He believes and accepts what he sees.

The Lord must respect mans original sin and existing intellectual disposition not to mention his free will. He’s forever calling us through use of the imperfect man who don’t know they’re being influenced by God nor that their movies are very close to the truth.

Think of man like a broken filter. The clean water is getting through in small quantities but not enough that makes us want to drink it. There’s this mixture of the clean and the dirty. In these movies and most world religions there is this mixture of the clean and the dirty, the truth of God and the imperfections we ourselves cloud it with.

Priests sometimes have these movie nights where they watch the movie and then observe the reflection of God found in the movie. I’ve picked the above three movies for a particular reason. The reason is that all three movies share similar traits and send an almost identical message.

The message the movies convey is that of a Invisible force at work around us that we don’t see. There is a general sense of “spiritual awakening” in each movie where the person always has this feeling that the world they inhabit isn’t quite right. There’s something off putting and out of balance about it. Then all the movies transition from being “asleep” to “paranoia and asking questions about their purpose” to finally “awakening” to all the lies they’ve been told.

Each movie has the, “There is a real world out there somewhere and you’re not in it right now” theme going on. They’ve all been sold the idea that the reality they’re currently experiencing is the norm. Any kind of deviation from this norm must be quickly stamped out immediately. And the people doing the stamping out are sometimes the humans closest to the characters in the movies often prompted by the higher evil power that sits behind the curtain like the wizard of Oz pushing all the buttons.

In the Matrix you have these supernatural agents with powers higher than the normal people on the ground none the wiser about who they are. I have to say that all these movies reflect the Catholic faith almost perfectly. How on earth nobody can see God at work through these imperfect movie directors is beyond me.

Christians live in that kind of world where the curtain has been pulled over our eyes. We see only what we are permitted to see. The invisible powers of darkness are always at play but we don’t believe in any of it. Neo in the movie the Matrix and Jim Carrey in the Truman show don’t attract much attention at all until they start questioning things. As soon as they do that they become a prime target of the agents or the people closest to them under the guidance of some boss or higher power at play.

Same with Christianity. As soon as you find yourself in the Catholic Church, all eyes are on you. When you really truly get a grip of the truth you become a prime target of the demons (agents). And they will stop at nothing to come and get you and to pull you away from that truth. In the movie the Matrix the agents take on the guise of humans or enter them so to speak. They can, like demons be absolutely everywhere and anywhere at any one time.

It’s the same with the demons. They can be anywhere and everyone at any one time and they often enter people to get the job done if necessary. For example it’s written in scripture that satan entered Judas and used him to have Jesus crucified. You wouldn’t believe how incredibly close these movies get to the Christian message.

“The oracle” in the movie the Matrix for example reflects the prophets and visionaries in Catholicism who are often quite ordinary and hidden like the woman depicted in the movie as the oracle. I could go on and on about these movies but I encourage you to watch them yourself and try to pick out the Christian themes. Take a look at how while the demons can influence people through their ignorance, God is more powerful and can do the same and he uses people like these movie makers to get a point across.

But very few of us are ever aware to the fact because we are asleep. Read the Gospel, you’ll see how the whole thing from Matthew to Revelation has moments throughout it that ask us to wake up. This is not a waking up to the machinations of political powers at work behind the scenes, but the invisible powers at work behind the scenes that are the actual influence of all destruction and evil in the world. Like the agents in the movies who say they hate humans, demons are the same.

They hate us and the hate cannot be described in human terms. But that won’t stop me from trying. Imagine putting all the worlds most evil murderers in one room? Take all the rapists, serial killers etc and prisons most psychotic people. Place them in one room and it still would be nowhere near close to the absolute evil of these demons (agents). Not even close.

God is trying to reach humanity through the arts world using the very liberal leftist minds that have no regard for his laws and are atheist. It’s like when he used Pharaoh to raise Moses in his palace to educate him. He’d no idea he was being used to house, feed and educate one of the prophets who would come back to free his people and eventually lead him to his death in the Red sea.

Man never sees Gods work in the world just as he’s blind to the devils work. St.Paul in scriptures talks about the need for a spiritual revolution of the mind, a conversion and repentance. To see what is going on takes the grace of God and even many priests are just as clueless as the rest of us. Don’t be thinking that some of these priests who wear a collar know what’s going on. Some of them are just as clueless.

Look, here is what I’m saying. Take all those movies I’ve quoted you and try to imagine all of that is actually true and there you have Christianity. Catholicism is all those movies and others like them come true. I’m not going to sit here and dissect these movies, but I do encourage you to watch them and be inspired to see the work of the Holy Spirit.

Right now we live in a world manipulated and controlled by a higher power that because of our ignorance we don’t see. It’s incredibly clever and those aware of its presence are very few in number. But God is there for people who, like Neo in the Matrix, are beginning to doubt, ask questions and searching for Christ, for the truth, for the real world.

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