If The Prophets And Visionaries Could Tell You What It’s Like Convincing Others Of The Truth

When you experience a conversion and if it’s a spectacular one with a story that stumps even the religious your life is changed forever. I take the movie Oblivion here to set a good example.

There is this scene in the movie where Jack suddenly discovers the world is in control by something evil. Him and his alleged wife were being duped all along into fighting what they called “The scabs”. In the end Jack the main character in the movie finds out that all these people they’ve been fighting are fellow humans who have not been caught by the machine that was out to kill them.

He discovers there’s a war going on between this evil thing and a small number of humans on the ground living in the underground sewers. That, my friends, is a perfect picture of Christians and those in the power of the evil Satan. It’s especially a good example of the prophets and visionaries many of whom go about their busy day in the world and nobody is any the wiser of their presence just like Jack was unaware of the scabs in the movie.

But look what happens poor Jack when he tries to go back and tell her that she’s being duped and that all of what she sees isn’t the real world? That the evil thing in the sky has brainwashed her into fighting the truth. What does she do? She closes the door and won’t let him in. He ends up speaking to her through this glass door, banging on it and telling her they’re coming to kill him and her now that they know etc etc. But she thinks he’s crazy.

That’s it when you experience a genuine conversion. Your life, as you now know it, is over. You’re crazy and you are on the worlds and the demons naughty list. While it’s a happy time, it’s also a sad one. Sorrowful because now the real work to save your soul and that of others begins. Like Jack, you’ve now become a target of this evil thing disguising itself as human and going undetected in the world. Now that you’ve been given the grace to see it for what it is, you’re now on its radar.

And when you change, suddenly your family, brothers, sisters, girlfriend, cousins and friends, seeing this change in you like she did in Jack in the movie, become very aggressively opposed to you. And the more you try to speak to them through the glass door that separates the world from the Divine, the more aggressive they become, until it’s too late for them and they depart this life only to get a vision of the real thing. It’s only then that they discover they’ve been duped unless they experience a genuine repentance and turn their lives around.

Many of the prophets and the visionaries will tell you that is what it’s like speaking to humanity. It feels like your banging on the glass door and they don’t hear you. Not only do they not hear, they don’t want to hear and they see you as crazy. The only way you can hold onto sanity and your soul is to do the simple task of going to Mass, confession, praying daily and trying to reach others. You will reach them, but only the Grace of God can awaken them.

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