Pope Francis Restrictions On The Latin Mass Welcomed By Me

Image by giampieropilia from Pixabay

It’s amazing but recently the Pope has placed new restrictions on the Latin Mass that he rightly stated was being used to divide the faithful into two camps. As we are supposed to be Church that is united in one body and spirit and mind, these reforms are very welcomed by me.

It’s as if I had my prayers answered, or that somehow my letter from a few years back to the local Bishop on the problems the Latin Mass creates somehow made it to the Pope himself. In my letter I wrote how lovely the Latin Mass is and that I’d almost prefer it, but that it is being used by certain extremist clergy, political lobby groups and laity to divide the Church and cause harm to her body.

That is the problem we face in the Church today is that we have two extremist wings in the Church who are the toy of the Devil. He uses them to inflict great damage upon the faithful and the body of the whole Church. His number one aim is to use these progressive and regressive minds to cause as much upset as possible.

One woman on social media said to me, “There is nothing wrong with being right wing. Far better than being left wing.” I told her that she pick whatever wing she likes but I pick the wing of the Catholic Church. There are right wing and extremist left wings, but the only wing we should be flying on is that if the Catholic faith. We are supposed to be one body and these people are upsetting that balance and causing grave spiritual harm to the faithful.

Pope Francis is being demonized by these people and I don’t feel sorry for him one bit.I’m actually envious of him. You know why? The more he is criticized the more his soul is raised higher and higher by God. I’m delighted for him. His persecution is a sign that he indeed is the Bishop in white in the visionaries dream of Fatima. And in the dream the liberal left are the ones with the modern guns (modernist theology) and the conservatives are the ones firing at him arrows (looking to drag the church back to the old way of doing things with no desire to be modern). I wrote this to Pope Francis some years back letting him know my private thoughts on the dream.

Yes, these are great times for Pope Francis and his amazing ability to lead the Church is no doubt from the Lord. Like every other Pope he is human and we are going to disagree with him on some things, but that’s the joy of Pope Francis is that he’s human, but he’s a human called by God to lead the Church into the future and that’s exactly what the Church needs, a modern Pope. He’s very clever. He discerns these two nasty spirits in the Church and he deals with them the best way he can. I love him for that and he’s very balanced.

Don’t stop Holy Father. Get rid of them all and if you want some help you just pick up that phone and give us a call because I’ve a big yard brush here I’d like to sweep the Church with.

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