A Mothers Love

I have in my library all the volumes of the homilies of St.John Chrysostom on the Gospel of Matthew. Over the years I’ve often read them and took great joy in highlighting certain things he said that stuck with me. I was going through some highlighted material at random throughout the book and reflecting upon them.

Suddenly, my son and his friend come crashing through the door. Their number one goal? To have some lunch and stuff their faces with chocolate cake. The young boy comes from a family that is not religious, at least not in practice. He has a verbal tick, “Fuck” among other things that he’s learned both at home and at school.

I closed my book and decided to allow things take its course. I was not that disturbed by their sudden unexpected presence. As I watched him and my son speak above them was an image of Our Lady of Fatima. When I looked at the young boy I suddenly felt the Theotokos presence. It was very strong and my breast began to swell with love for him and then my eyes began to water.

I felt she was trying to communicate her love for him to me. It’s rare that happens me and sometimes I do try to keep my feet firmly on the ground by not being presumptive that Our Lady would every want to communicate to a wretch like me. But it was so strong and so sudden it was difficult not to.

Then I opened my book on his homilies by random and landed on a highlighted passage that crushed all doubt of Our Blessed Theotokos presence. In the passage you will read St.John talking about the love children have and how they differ greatly to adults. It speaks of a child’s love for His Mother and how, even though she beats him, would choose her dressed in all her poverty and rags than a beautiful queen adorned with Jewels.

I knew then, that Our Lady had made her presence known in this small kitchen filled with poverty and the laughter of two children who couldn’t care less about any of it. There they stood laughing and rather than being dressed in the rags of the worlds worries and sorrows, were adorned with the heavenly Jewels of Blessed simplicity and happiness. These were Jewels that were eternal.

A mothers love is a strong. Our Lady gave me an unmerited taste of the love she had for this young boy. In fact, so intense a Mothers love that if Our Lady showed me how much she really loved him, I’d have died of joy in my chair observing him. I have to stop writing this post because just now, my eyes have swelled up again with tears and I can’t see what I’m writing.

God bless

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