To The Rich Man Who Views Himself As Master Of His Wealth

Rich people seem to think they are in control of their wealth and master of it. While they’re enjoying that illusion for now and the reality of the wealth they presently possess, they’re far from masters of their wealth. Instead, they are slaves to it. The love of the good life is in control of them. I don’t argue we shouldn’t look for wealth or that to create a big company and contribute to society is a bad thing.

The worst occurs only when you actually become its slave. By that I mean that you’re not at peace or make a misuse of it because your stingy. Remember, the rich man went to Hell not because he was rich, but because he made great misuse of it. Likewise Lazarus whom the rich man discarded of went to heaven, not because he was materially poor, but because he made good use of his poverty and was rich in mercy.

In truth, nobody owns anything in this world. A woman was envious of all these peoples cars and their big houses. And I told her why be envy? They don’t own those cars or their houses. They’ve got them all out on loans and mortgages. By the time they pay back their money and at great interest to the greedy banks, they will own it only when they’re 90 years old and have little years left to even enjoy it.

For now they enjoy it, but they’ve gone and put themselves into great debt. Saint Paul in scriptures says, “avoid getting into debt except that of love.” There are other numerous verses about it but none of us ever listen.

What we need to understand is that nobody ever owns anything in this world, that is an illusion. Nothing is ever set in stone either and one minute you’ve worked hard and built your house and then you’ve caught cancer or some other ailment which is the mercy of God coming along to show you how foolish you were to avoid him your whole life while you focused on “gaining the whole world”.

“But God said to him, ‘You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?’ Luke:12:20

Yes, you gain the whole world and then boom! this night your soul is required of you. Time to wake up. Notice that the Lord gives them some more time to repent by giving them some short notice in advance? Even then it proves how merciful the Lord is. And there are times when the Lord allows a man to live a long life in the hopes he will repent.

At other times like that of Pharaoh he lets him live only because he gets some use out of him for the time being. For in the case of Pharaoh, Moses was brought up in the house of the richest man in the land and given a great education. Then, when the Lord had made his full use of this imbecile, he swallowed him up in the Red Sea and discarded of him like the useless piece of trash that he was confining him to the place he deserved. We can only hope that the Lord showed him mercy in the end.

I say this only because I’m aware that rich people who are old and grey in the head will be reading this and thinking, “My soul wasn’t required of me. I’m old and got away with it hahahaha. where is this God you speak of?” He’s using you for some reason or allowed you to grow old because of the prayers of your ancestors in purgatory that plead for your soul not to mention that of the whole Church.

But should you go to the place reserved for your soul, who will have your wealth then? Your sons, then their sons? And what legacy will you leave behind? I will show you what legacy you’ll leave behind. And like a dog that craps on the pavement that’s your legacy, passing on your horrible stingy, careless and godless attitude to the next generation and like a disease curse your whole future ancestors along with your own soul. You stupid idiot. You fool. You absolute clown.

Who do you think will show himself more worthy before the Lord, Him who left behind a legacy of riches and hatred for the poor and destitute among him, or those fathers who loved God and showed their sons to make good use of their wealth? To love the poor and feed the hungry from within their means. Who do you think will justify himself more before the Lord?

Yes, you’re old now, but unless you repent, you’re going to get swallowed up in the red sea of your own stubbornness and incredulity just as Pharaoh and every other imbecile who viewed himself as some sort of god with a legacy to pass on did. You’re not an owner of wealth, just a person who passes on his wealth into the hands of the next generation. You own nothing, you only think you do. Now is the time to break that vicious cycle and put your good wealth to use by feeding the poor and helping them find work.

Now is the time to build for yourself the riches in heaven that last forever. Build your self an immortal legacy and FORGET ABOUT THE GOOD OPINION OF THIS WORLD WHICH MEANS NOTHING TO YOU WHEN YOU DIE.

God bless.

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