Poem: Among You

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The following is a Poem I wrote this evening. It’s a private meditation where I am daring to imagine what Jesus would say to all of us. He is always among us, but do we recognize Him? Do we ever take notice of Him?

A poem by Stephen McElligott

I have moved among you
I been there when you least expected it
I entered your house in the darkness of your night
I walked among you but you never took any notice of me.
I approached you through the most wretched and he you hold in contempt
Through him I entertained you, smiled with you, cried with you.
Through him I educated you, instructed you, argued with you but you took no notice.
Like a thief in the night, I came and threw you into a confusion
I played with you creation and you knew not your left hand from your right
Repent and you will see Me.
Repent and you will recognize your savior.
Repent and you will no longer live by night but by day.
Repent and walk with Me along the way, the way to your salvation.
Among you I laugh
Among you I Cry
Among you I Suffer
Among you I AM.

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