Be Like The Rose And Become King Of Your Castle

Image by Bessi from Pixabay

See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.


Take a look at the Rose. It never gets depressed. It doesn’t get envious of anyone. It will never grovel to its fellow Roses and ask for any kind of approval from the other. It is not ambitious for more of a fragrance than it already possesses and is not depressed because it doesn’t have more than it needs for survival. It does not retaliate when spoken ill of.

It does not seek revenge on those who squash it with their foot out of malice. It does not feel upset when someone insults it. It does not feel the need to seek out groups and friends nor has it been brainwashed by anyone to think it needs to part of a group to be happy. It is quite content to be all by itself and alone.

Nobody would think it when they initially take a look but nature is full of wisdom. Whenever I’m in search of a good sermon or I want to hear the best of homilies, I simply walk into the mountains. The rocks there will teach me how to be formidable and daring in the world. Then along comes the light summer breeze preaching the need to balance that power with kindness and gentleness.

Thus we see it’s exactly what Luke Skywalker in the Last Jedi told Rey, that the force is found in the balance of everything. Yes, it is there that you will find the Holy Spirit, in the wonderful balance of nature, of everything in life.

When our bodies are silent that is one good thing. But when the noise inside our souls is silent in addition to this something strange occurs. The ears of our soul are open to the voice of God in nature. It is there he preaches to us should we have the ears to hear it. That’s why God says,

For the earth of itself bringeth forth fruit, first the blade, then the ear, afterwards the full corn in the ear.  And when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he putteth in the sickle, because the harvest is come.


What is Jesus describing here? He is showing us what spiritual maturity looks like. This is why he always says “Listen up those who have ears to hear”. Why? Because he’s talking to those who have spiritual maturity. The rest although they hear what he says, their souls are darkened with the ignorance of sin and so they remain in the dark. But those who have ears to hear will understand but the irony is very few of us are spiritually mature. Yet, we are called to it.

This is why God used what isn’t even human such as a Rose so show us how even nature which is not as important to God as we are, is more mature than us. He spoke of King Solomon, why? Because not even Solomon in all his wisdom could attain to the wisdom of the flowers of the field. Even though he was gifted with great wisdom by the Lord he was not robed with the complete maturity a Rose possessed.

We have many Kings like that today don’t we? Take a look at all the Rich people in the media and all those wealthy (some well educated) actors. Take a look at the entrepreneurs and business men who went to the best schools America has to offer. Watch how all their faux worldly wisdom comes to nothing when they throw a temper tantrum because their food was served to them cold.

Watch how they cry and consume drugs to deal with the anxiety of remaining in the limelight and being top of the pops. Those are the King Solomons of today. Robed in riches and even sometimes religious people given great gifts of wisdom from the Lord, yet they have not reached the level of spiritual maturity like this Rose I pictured above.

Look at the religious theologian graced with the gift to teach, but watch him throw a temper tantrum over someone else being given the job to lecture at the university. Watch how depressed he becomes. Watch the religious sister get upset because some drunk man came into the adoration room and is making lots of noise. Watch how she values the presence of Christ and her “quiet time” over that of Christ himself.

The world is peopled with idiots and you’ll only ever realize that when you become self aware and realize you’re the biggest idiot in it. When this happens, although you be poor and live in some sort of one bedroom apartment, yet you will be living like a King. When nobody no longer has the power to upset you. You’re a King. When you’re no longer at the mercy of the approval or disapproval of your peers? You’re a King. When somebody stomps on you and ruins your petals yet you don’t seek revenge. You’re a King.

When, like St.Paul you have learned to be happy when rich and poor, you’re a King. You’re living like a King you really are. The real peasants are the ones driving around in their latest cars but are depressed. Their buttons are easily pushed and like little robots they behave exactly how their culture has told them to. Ha!. You will suddenly realize you are surrounded by poor people not rich people.

Rich or poor when you lack self awareness and the grace of God? You are poor. Want to be a King? Become like the flowers of the field. Want to belong to the Royal house and become a noble in the eyes of the Lord? Become self sufficient like the Rose. Enjoy peoples company when they’re around and enjoy them when they’re gone. That’s what real nobility is.

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