Time To Wake Up And Stop Living In The Dark

Image by Deflyne Coppens from Pixabay

You must wake up now: the night is almost over, it will be daylight soon. Let us give up all the things we prefer to do under cover of the dark; let us arm ourselves and appear in the light. Let us live decently as people do in the daytime.

Romans 13:11,12-13

As I have repetitively stated on this blog, I’ve spent my whole waking hours of my life trying to provoke my fellow humans to awaken. Awaken from what? Their deep. . . deep. . . sleep. The funny thing is just when they’re about to awaken, off they go into some new age cult that gives them the feeling they’re somehow spiritually awakening and thus further they go into a deeper sleep than before.

Saint Paul spent his whole waking hours doing the same. “You must wake up now” he says, “the night is almost over, it will be daylight soon.” What does he mean by night and daylight? By night he refers to mans spiritual ignorance. Ignorance of himself and what sin is. Ignorance of Christ. Ignorance of what is real and tangible. By daylight he means reality, reality is coming. Jesus is coming again and that’s when people will really get a glimpse of the touchable. For some it will come as wonderful news, for others it will be too late.

However, we can now appear in the light and understand the reality we live in but are ignorant of. We must give up the things we prefer to do under the cover of ignorance and stand in the light now while there is still time. Mans intellect (his ability to think and reason) has been darkened by sin which in turn destabilizes his will (the part of his soul that gives him the ability to make free choices). Standing in the light isn’t required for salvation, but Saint Paul talks often enough about the need to wake up. There are 1 billion Catholics in the world from Pope to Laity but that doesn’t mean they’re awake.

This revelation is a Grace of the Lord. It can be read about in books and we can come close to smelling the fragrance of Christian enlightenment, but we never get a sniff of it. At best, all the Saints can do is leave us a description to spur us on to chasing the fragrance ourselves. If it’s not necessary for salvation why does Saint Paul require we seek it? Because it’s a great help on the path to salvation isn’t it? Who here would show admiration for a friend who put them on the right path but failed to tell them about the wolves halfway into the journey?

Here, our good friend Paul has put us on the right path. In addition to this he’s given us the tools for dealing with the wolves along the way making known their presence. 1 billion baptized Catholics are on the right path, but very few make it past the wolves because like sheep without a shepherd, they had nobody to give them the right advice that would make the journey more secure. They fall prey to the wolves of life and become torn apart by sinful habits and all sorts of worldly doctrines.

They grow up a part of the “program” of the world and live in the dark (ignorance of spiritual things) just like everybody else. The only comfort they have is that every other human whether Muslim, Buddhist or Catholic is exactly like them giving them a sense of brotherhood. Billions of people wondering around in the darkness of their minds clutching at mere mirages of the truth or tiny fragments of it but never able to piece together the beautiful painting of Christ.

How can you not feel compassion for someone like this? How can you not be moved like St.Paul to urge people to WAKE UP? In this ignorance the devil is delighted because he gets to have control of the playing field. He’s able to wreak an immense amount of havoc even in the Church because man lacks the moral compass and Grace of God to see through his wily little tricks in their lives.

We are too busy entertaining our base instincts and desires of the flesh to care for what is spiritual. The drudgery of the day to day and the 9-5pm system is all we seem to care for. The truth is we like being asleep. It’s nice and cozy in this little bed of ignorance isn’t it? We suffer from spiritual sticky mattress syndrome. Give me the ordinary, give me the normal. Give me my 9-5 boring job, two cars and happy home. Give me my 2 week holiday once a year. Let me have my sex with whomever and enjoy the drug of being loved and worshipped by the world.

The only way we can get from the dark to the light is by admitting we like being in the dark. Don’t listen to people who tell you they’re looking for the light. No they are not, they just want a shoulder to whine, moan and cry on for some relief. They don’t want a cure they’re not ready for that. “I will follow you Jesus, but first let me go bury my father.” hahaha. Yeah, right, and Jesus tells him to let the dead bury their dead and come follow him. In other words let the world go to sleep and you come wake up now.

“I want to be free of depression, but first let me cry just once more.” The truth is very few of us are interested in following Jesus and the path of Christian enlightenment. There’s no sincerity in us. Why? Because of our attachment to all we’ve ever known that’s why. We are curious and adventurous. We really want to step into the unknown and walk into the light of reality, but our minds simply refuse to let go of all we’ve ever known. Give me what I can see with my own eyes, touch, feel, hear and smell. But what you’re touching, feeling, hearing and smelling, because you live in the dark is all an illusion.

When you come to Christ, those senses are still there. rather than darkness what you will see is light. What you will feel is the reality. You will hear is the sweet chorus of Gods voice in your life and the world around you. People tell me the voice of God is a small one in the world. RUBBISH. There’s nothing more audible than the voice of the Lord, it is YOU that are deaf to it. Deaf because you’ve been programmed by your culture and the world around you to be a puppet of ignorance.

Instead of smelling the sweet fragrance of the nose, you will lower your nose again and, assisted by the grace of enlightenment will actually this time around smell the Rose like you’ve never smelled it before. Instead of sticking your nose into sin and mistaking it for something lovely, you will smell the sweet incense and fragrance of Christs joy.

Right now your senses are directed towards the sinful but in the wakey wakey world they will be given a new life and put to their intended use. When as a parent we see a child make misuse of a toy and abuse it we become upset don’t we? Should the Lord not feel the same way when He sees us doing the same with our bodies and souls?

Open your hearts, eyes, ears and noses. Stick out your tongue and taste the body of Christ. Allow the Holy Spirit to breathe his fire of renewal inside of you and raise you from that grave of darkness where your corpse has been wrapped in the burial cloth of sin. Let him and his servants in to help unravel that shroud of foolishness and breathe in the refreshing air of truth. Let your lungs inflate and circulate with a new life in Christ. Stop clinging to your worldly toys and become an adult.

If you do all this then you will be able to live, as St.Paul says like decent people in the daytime.

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