Why Does Jesus Give More To Seers Than To Other Laity?

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In the Gospels Jesus gives the entire community many great miracles to marvel at. The Resurrection of Lazarus, the healing of ailments and the exorcising of demons. He gives them enough light that they may freely choose him and yet enough darkness to keep them wondering.

With his apostles this is not so. He gives them more light than the laity. He walks on water and he calls Peter to walk on the water towards him. And even with some apostles he gives more than the others such as Peter James and John depicted here at the Transfiguration. To one apostle he grants this vision, to another he does not.

The reason the apostles were given more light than the rest is because of the magnitude of their mission. It was necessary that those shepherding the sheep know more than the sheep. And by the use of “know” I do not presume to mean intellectual knowledge but that they be more formed by Grace than the rest. It’s crucial they are more formed than the others and for this reason they are shown a little bit more. It’s also the reason why Jesus gives them the meaning of the parables while keeping the laity wondering.

Here Jesus is not showing his love for the apostles to be greater than that of the laity. No, he is providing them with more only because they’re weak and these graces will help keep them grounded in the faith and from falling away. Sheep cannot guide sheep, only Shepherds can do that. For a Shepherd to successfully guide his flock he must first go through the spiritual training required of him otherwise he’ll be a failure.

When Jesus comes to the likes of Vassula Ryden in True Life In God, or St.Bernadette, or to the children of Medjugorje through His Mother, it’s not because he loves them more. And when he gives them great gifts of seeing heaven, hell, the angels it’s not because he loves them to the exclusion of the rest. No, he does this because it’s necessary, it was all predestined for the salvation of the sheep.

He did not choose them because they were holy anymore than he chose simple fishermen to exorcise demons. He handpicked each of them because they were unholy, weak and would make great instruments for his glory. He gave them more graces than the rest of us so that, like the apostles, they would not fall away from their mission as easily as the others. By others I mean there are those who are called and those who are chosen. Those who are called are given enough light by God to accept his call, yet enough darkness to help them walk on their own two feet.

Then there are others who, known only to the wisdom of God, are given more not because they’re holy but weak willed and require more assistance to believe than the rest. Therefore next time you get Jealous of seers because they’ve been given more than you (even though you like the prodigal sons brother gave your life to the Lord in blind faith) know that you’re actually debasing yourself. Why? Because who would want to be jealous of those who saw by sight when Jesus says happier are those who do not see yet believe? That’s like a man who puts broken glass into his stew and eats it. Crazy behaviour.

Many seers I can tell you now have a holy envy of those who accept the little light they’re given and blindly believe. Many seers didn’t ask for what they were given, and if they did it came in a way most unexpected. In Gods providential wisdom he gave them these undeserved graces for his own purpose, his own glory and for the salvation of the others. If he showed himself to everyone it would violate their freedom to choose him. Therefore, he reveals himself to the few who even still must choose to believe what they’ve seen (very few would not, although some doubt).

Remember all this the next time you become envious of seers who maybe have stigmata, apparitions, dreams, visions etc etc. The greatest rewards are reserved for those who live quietly and enjoy the little light they’re given, wrestling with the powers of darkness without the assistance of all these special graces. St.Paul says we should walk by faith not by sight, the irony being himself came to the faith by sight. It’s because he himself is ashamed he came by sight. He wanted to be like the others but in his weakness, a vision was necessary.

Lets stop thinking God loves others more because he gives them more. Lets stop assuming he chooses certain souls because of their holiness but rather because they are unholy and weak. Lets acknowledge our weakness and rejoice when we see one of these unholy ones be given more than us. Don’t be like the prodigal sons brother who obeyed the Lord his whole life and then threw away his inheritance because of the rejection of his mischievous but now redeemed brother.

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