What Music Are You Playing To Attract Newcomers To The Catholic Faith?

I learned this on classical guitar in recent days gone by. I’d always wanted to learn this piece of music but recoiled from it due to the fear of being a failure at it. To my surprise in comparison to John Williams Deer hunter theme it was a walk in the park.

As I sat back and played it, it made me think about the importance of beauty when presenting our Catholic faith to others. In this scene the Jesuit priest doesn’t actually approach the Indians with talk of religion. He simply sits down and plays them something beautiful. There was no mention of God at all in the beginning. Attractive as it was, they ended up breaking this mysterious instrument they’ve never encountered before. But one Indian did come and try to fix it for him showing his concern. This means he touched some of their hearts if not all.

The scene is inspiring and taught me how I should approach a world either distant from their faith or have never before encountered it. Sometimes we want to speak to others about Jesus and wave a bible in front of them when really a gentle approach is all that’s needed at least in the beginning.

Let newcomers to the faith hear the beautiful music of simple conversation that shows concern for them. Let them hear the beautiful music of timidity of heart and humbleness of soul which shines through you as a result of Gods undeserved grace. Then, having seen Love alive in you, they’ll be more open to the concept of learning more about the source of that love in you which is Christ himself. They will ask themselves like the Indians, “Where does this beautiful music come from? There must be a God somewhere.”

Jesus did the same. He approached people in the Gospel at times and simply said Hello to them. There was no big lectures on religion except to those who could receive it. He was not overpowering and simply played them all a nice piece of beautiful music. God was not mentioned at times yet through some sort of spiritual and invisible manner of Grace, through the beautiful music of Jesus actions His father is spoken of.

We need to approach others the same way. We need to stop lecturing them all the time about religion, stop and play them a peace of beautiful music ever once in a while. Just be there and love someone and let the seeds of that gentle love be something God waters into something beautiful. Take your time with people who are unfamiliar with the language of religion and spirituality. Give them time and put Love and mercy first before any mention of God, that way you’re putting God first without even knowing it.

What kind of music are you using to attract the crowd? Hopefully your soul is in “tune” and it’s attractive enough for them to enquire more about the faith that is in you.

God bless.

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