The Prison Door Behind Which St.Oliver Plunkett Lived Before His Martyrdom

Photograph by Stephen McElligott of Mousesqueak

The relic of St.Oliver Plunketts incorrupt head generates a lot of discussion among the Irish Catholic faithful. What least gets talked about is the prison door behind which Oliver spent his final days in his cell in London.

He’s only 20-30 minutes drive from me so I’m spoiled. I get to go whenever I feel like it and I go often. If someone where to ask me my favorite Irish Saint Oliver would have to top them all. I’m unaware of any other Irish Saint who managed to imitate the life of Christ so much as Oliver did especially in his Passion.

I visited the shrine again yesterday and my first attraction as usual would have been the head of St.Oliver. On approach someone else was enjoying it so I gravitated towards the original prison door. I began to think about how he felt behind this door.

Was St.Oliver happy that Jesus had given him the ultimate gift of imitating his passion? Perhaps his happiness was mingled with a sort of Divine sorrow that Jesus felt in the Garden of Gethsemene. Jesus overcame it but Oliver being only human must’ve had a hard time with it. Perhaps he too overcame it at one point assisted by the Grace of The Holy Spirit?

The truth is we all have our own prison door that we live behind. St.Oliver was locked up, but he was a free man. Nobody could take his soul, his love of God and his country from him. For this reason he was as free as a bird. The real people who lived in prison were those who put him there. Slaves and prisoners to their base and sinful instincts held captive by the devil himself.

All of us are in prison and the strange thing is we put ourselves there. We are currently being held captive by our own ignorance of Christ. We are prisoner to the worlds brainwashing on the meaning of life, love, sex and joy.

We are incarcerated into the shopping malls that are the Cathedrals of secular worship, the basilica of the devil. The tragedy is we are happy with that. We like our prison. Anyone who dares come along making any effort to open that lock from the outside will be told quite sternly to go away. If I told you I saw a man embracing his prison and jumping up and down for joy at the thought of spending another 40 years in it you’d call for a psychiatrist, right?

Yet, here you are behind your prison door of false ideas on the world. There you go jumping up and down for joy at the thought of spending another 40 years of your life (if you’re blessed. . . so they say) living in such darkness.

The prison Oliver spent time in had been nothing but a mere physical place that possessing only the appearance of a prison, but his spirit, being free was not held captive. Yeah, while the world immersed themselves in all sorts of debauchery and evils placing themselves behind the eternal prison door of Hell, behind this corruptible prison door of the world slept a free man who had placed himself into the noble courts of His God.

What prison door do you live behind? Is it the one of corruptible wood where you live a free man for Christ or do you suffer behind the eternal gates of Hell? Should it be the latter then I urge you to repent and break free from that prison. To be capable to do that you have to first realize you’re in prison. That’s the thing isn’t it? Many of us are unaware we are in a prison.

I would open the cage to my budgie but she wouldn’t come out. I left the doors open and hours later I felt the wind from her wings around my head. “YES. . . YES. . . ” I cried to her, “YOU HAVE FINALLY REALIZED YOU’RE IN A CAGE AND NOW YOU’RE FREE”.

You who read me, when will you realize you’re in a prison also? It only took a Budgie with a brain the size of an acorn one hour to realize where she was. But for you invested with much intelligence, intellectual wealth and studies are taking a life time to accept you’re in a cage?

Be like Oliver. Be a free man behind the corruptible closed door of a world drunk on faux power and false ideas of what prison actually is. Don’t accept the cage of this world. See it for what it is and through the intercession of St.Oliver Plunkett may you too learn to allow God to lead you towards true freedom. Freedom from what? Hell, the devil, the worlds brainwashing and most importantly, freedom from yourself.

God bless you.

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