We All Have A Bit Of Mary, Martha And Lazarus In Us

Often it is the case where people like to use all three especially Mary and Martha to finger out people who have distinct personalities. Martha is often used to indicate those who live in the world and Mary as those who are contemplative and have chosen religious life. One is the imperfect the other perfect. The truth is not only do we all possess some of these people, we all need them.

For example Martha may not have chosen the better part and listened at a time when she should have. However, Martha also displayed a quality Mary might have lacked which is to say she was comfortable in the presence of the Lord. She was not afraid of God. All Martha lacked was the compass that gave her an indication of when to sit and listen and when to be busy. We all, even Mary who sat at the feet of the Lord, exercise this imperfection at least once in our lives.

We all have a Mary inside of us that sits and listens to Jesus, which is of course the highest of all virtuous approaches with the Christ. Then we all have a Lazarus in us. You know, that part that develops such a sincere bond with Jesus that it makes Him cry. He feels and shares in our sufferings with us. When we are lying spiritually dead in the tomb as Lazarus did, Jesus weeps.

We all find ourselves becoming a friend of Jesus only to experience that crisis of faith where we become buried by our sins. But true to his friendship, although we will be waiting days and a bit stinky by the time He comes, He will always find a way to resurrect us and call us out of the darkness of our tombs of doubt and into the light of faith again.

No! Don’t pigeon hole yourself as a Martha, Mary or Lazarus. The truth is, you are all three of them.

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