This Reason People Give For Attending Latin Mass Is a Cause For Great Concern

I love the Latin Mass, I do but there’s a reason people give for attending that is troublesome. What is it? “I go to the Latin Mass because I’m looking for more spiritual depth in my life”. Ouch. Dangerous talk.

If you cannot attend the Ordinary form done appropriately and with reverence, and cannot attend the Latin Mass afterwards finding spiritual depth in both then something is wrong, not with the Mass, but with YOU.

The truth is that spiritual depth is not found in the liturgical rubrics of the Mass, but in repentance. A repentant heart that has been risen from the grave of sinfulness and made a new creature finds the Love of God everywhere. He or she will simply find Love and joy in both masses as long as there’s a healthy balance of love and discipline in both.

Don’t be fooled into thinking your preference for Gregorian chant over modern liturgical music is spiritually enriching your soul. The only thing that can enrich your soul is the Grace of God brought by repentance. Everything after this such as your love of studying theology, music, chant both modern and old is the icing on the cake.

What people need to is to repent. Do that, and you will love all Masses provided they’re healthy ones done in obedience to the Church. A repentant heart loves obedience and values it as one of the greatest virtues a soul can possess. Why? Because it demonstrates you’ve abandoned your own will. Also because it was through disobedience we’re all in this mess in the first place. Only through obedience can we ever hope to return to normal.

The repentant heart is obedient and shows no disdain for any Mass. Don’t fall into that trap thinking that rules, regulations, this or that liturgy gives you spiritual depth or lifts your soul. The only thing that can lift your soul is repentance. Get busy doing that and then you will know what actual spiritual depth is.

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