Which Private School For My Sons: Jesuit Or Benedictine?

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An unholy row erupted in my house this evening over which boarding school my eldest should attend. He has his heart mysteriously set on Clongowes Jesuit college where James Joyce once studied. I’m not a fan of the modern Jesuit order today even though I’m a fan of the Jesuit spirituality. As He’s only 10 years old I told him a Benedictine spirituality may be a better choice and so you’re going to Glenstal.

I thought to myself he’s only 10 years old he hasn’t a clue and I know what’s best. Hours passed and as I sat here and prayed the Midnight office, I learned it was the feast of St.Ignatius of Loyola. The readings consisted of him telling the difference between good and bad thoughts.

I was spooked because I’d no idea it was his feast and yet the Jesuit spirituality has been hopping in my house all week. A few days ago I began learning the music for the Jesuit based movie the mission on my guitar. I spoke about it on this blog. Then today on the eve of his feast we start debating the Jesuit spirituality with me opting to say No because of the state the order has found itself in today. By state I mean theologically and that it is not what Ignatius began.

Today the Jesuit order is full of intellectuals from wealthy backgrounds who cater for the rich hence the many private schools they run around the world. I don’t like wealthy people even the religious type not out of envy, but because they tend to be psychopaths and possess an extremely liberal spirit. Not all Catholic boys who attend these schools are Catholic. Most of them leave and end up being politicians that promote Anti-Catholic legislation. I didn’t like them before my conversion and I don’t like them afterwards either.

However, the approach of St.Ignatius this week has made me realize that my sons desire for the Jesuit college, even though he’s intellectually inferior to us adults, must come from something higher. Now it’s up to us all to discern like St.Ignatius did, if this thought and desire of his to go into a Jesuit school is from God or not. The very timely way in which it all occurred with the founder of the Jesuit orders feast being at this hour would seem to indicate it’s a desire from God.

I’ve decided then to allow him to experience a “Live-in” at both schools to see which one he prefers above the rest. He’s asleep now but I’m sure he’ll be delighted to hear that tomorrow and on the feast of St.Ignatius of Loyola of all days. A gift of St.Ignatius to my son. Nicely done St.Ignatius. . . Well played.

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