Imagine There’s No Song Called Imagine

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I really used to love this song. From where I intellectually stood as an angsty teenager and musician in his early 20’s conditioned by a secular world, this song made sense to me. It’s not until you grow a pair of Christian wings and adulthood sets in do you begin to realize the insanity of the lyrics. Yes, on closer inspection they’re more shallow than the Irish puddle at my front door after a brief bit of rainfall.

Imagine there’s no heaven
it’s easy if you try
No Hell below us
Above us only sky

John Lennon, Imagine

The world has already imagined there’s no such thing as Heaven or Hell and look where that got us. We had one of the most extreme communist regimes that killed more people than all the religious wars combined. Without a heaven or a Hell you’re basically trusting sinful man to act responsibly? Oh, Come on!!! That’s like people who buy a dog and let it grow up without any training expecting it to sit, walk and heel all by itself. There are people who do that, you know? They buy dogs anticipating the concept these dogs will simply come when called an walk on a leash at some point.

Imagine there’s no countries

It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion, too

Imagine all the people

Living life in peace… You…

John Lennon, Imagine

Now that we’ve got rid of the concept of a higher power that oversees all. Now that we’ve got rid of our moral compass and expect mankind to be all brotherly he wants us to imagine a world with no countries. Sadly we exist in a world where people kill and die for certain things. If there were no countries it would never change the fact that people kill each other, if not in the name of a country it will be in the name of something else.

Then of course he takes a stab at religion, the popular concept that religion is the cause of all wars. A study done many years ago revealed that 6% of all humanities wars from the very beginning were in the name of religion. The rest of the wars were all to do with tribalism, economic and political ideologies like communism.

“Imagine all the people living life in peace”. Yeah, I can imagine that but that but not because we got rid of religion, countries or nationalities. People would still find something to fight about, why? Because it’s in our sinful nature to do so.

You’re not getting rid of it by simply erasing the very framework that holds us together. In fact, it’s countries, culture, religion, the belief in a higher moral authority that is holding humanity together. If we were to live in John Lennons world society would simply fall apart and we got a taste of that with communism.

Imagine no possessions

I wonder if you can

No need for greed or hunger

A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people

Sharing all the world… You…

John Lennon, Imagine

It’s almost as if John Lennon stole these lyrics from some dinner table talk Stalin had with his comrades. Yeah imagine none of us owned anything and we all lived in this Utopia where everything is free and there’s no such thing as possessions. Communism already tried this and to this day in communist countries there are people who will kill one another over a jacket in winter.

I recall reading a book about a young boy who lived in a North Korean labor camp. When he escaped a young man he met became envious of the coat he was wearing. He hatched a plan to steal it from him and was successful. This is proof that even in a communist world that tries to aim for what John Lennon sings about, you cannot stop sinful humans from being possessive of things. Talk as much nonsense as you want about how it would be great to make everyone equal but the truth it is not in human nature to behave like this.

There is also another irony here in these lyrics. The very man singing singing about us not owning any possessions is sitting behind one of the most expensive pianos in the world. He is sitting in one of his big mansions on an enormous plot of land that he won’t be giving away any time soon. The woman he married carries on in this rich lifestyle enjoying her “possessions.”

Many rich celebrities sing this song and it does make you laugh at the level of stupidity humans can sink into. I’m a musician and songwriter (or was) and I will break down for you why people really like this song. The arrangement and the melody is so good that people forget about the lyrics.

I wrote a song called She Blew Me Away which you can find on YouTube. I had this song forwarded by talent scouts in Los Angeles to many record labels. They laughed at the song with one of them saying the lyrics were so stupid yet the melody made it work and somehow it all made sense. He’s right, the lyrics are nonsensical and make absolutely no sense whatsoever, but because of the melody and arrangement it’s still a hit song.

Nobody knows why they’re singing my really stupid lyrics but they find themselves singing the lyrics anyway. This is how the devil operates in the world through songs like Imagine. He dresses up his heresy and lies in a nice melody and song that you can sing along to. Even though the lyrics make no sense, the arrangement and melody almost force you to make sense of it.

It gives the children’s story of the pied piper a bit of credence doesn’t it? The devil plays the melody and we all follow him into the abyss. Yes, the world is hypnotized by the devils melody and from every angle and we are so intellectually and spiritually inferior that we are none the wiser until we die and what was in control of the world is revealed to us.

The secular mindset is to run away from ones problems by use of the imagination, but it never eliminates reality. Even when they try to make their fantasy of a world without religion and possessions a reality (communism) it never works out for them. Instead, as Christians we are called to face the reality of greed, hunger and suffering as something that will be here until the second coming.

We are called to embrace, as Jesus did, the reality of our Cross and become crucified to our silly imaginations and live in the real world.

Now, let us imagine nobody is that stupid they would sing a song like this. Imagine people lived the Gospel and became one in Christ. Imagine people stopped running away into their imagination and embraced the reality that is the Cross of Christ. Yeah, It’s easy if you try.

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