Free Your Mind

You must give up your old way of life; you must put aside your old self, which gets corrupted by following illusory desires. ·Your mind must be renewed by a spiritual revolution ·so that you can put on the new self that has been created in God’s way, in the goodness and holiness of the truth.

Saint Paul’s Letter To the Ephesians:4:20-24

Todays Gospel reading highlights what I’ve been saying all week which is the call for the need to FREEYOURMIND. Free it from what? Exactly what Saint Paul says which is the illusory desires that corrupt our very ability to critically think and that drag our souls into the hands of the very agent that goes undetected in this world.

Throughout history man has tried to depict the devil according to his imagination through the use of art. At other times the devil may appear to man supernaturally in a way their souls can accept. He can even, as the agents do in the Matrix take on the form of a physical human you can see to be concrete and real. He cannot do this for long because he hates humans so much that only for short periods can he assume our nature.

He is a very real invisible entity/force in this world and his favorite thing to do is to have the culture assume he’s nothing but a bit of folklore concocted by crazy religious people out to put fear into them. He thrives on human ignorance just as the agents in the Matrix movie do. Everyone who belong to the “program” simply go about their day. If Neo goes up to any of them and tries to explain to them what is taking place, what do you think would happen? Same thing that happened Sarah Connors in the terminator. . . off to the mental home you go.

No, the world have no time for that kind of crazy nonsense. Saint Paul even said in scriptures that non spiritual people see it all as nonsense. When the apostles preached and could clearly be seen speaking in the tongues of many different local dialects they all thought they’d been drinking and he had to reassure them they’re not crazy or have been drinking. Today when you tell someone a big spiritual story they assume you’re on drugs or something.

Human beings are no different today than they were yesterday. In every era we Christians are seen as people on drugs. We are crazy looneys out of step with popular culture especially those who have been, like Neo in the movie the Matrix, touched by the Grace of the Lord in a special way. But like Neo we are all called to wake up and return to our native homeland which isn’t just a physical place but state of mind and soul.

Did you know that Yahweh is your real Father? I’m not talking about a Father figure or some sort of spiritual father but your actual Father? Your Mother and Father on earth are mere soldiers in the battle who take care of your well being, that’s all we are. When we die, everyone will see God as their actual Father and Mary their real Mother. This special grace is available to those who, through no effort of their own, are given the ability to see them for who they really are. Our jobs as Fathers and Mothers are to raise our children in the faith and introduce them to their real father and mother.

Think of it a bit like Superman. He’s sent to earth by his mother and Father to do battle with evil. He is taken in by two worldly parents who raise him as their own. We are all superman and simply planted here by something well beyond us that the culture has taught us to view as ancient, corny and entirely useless to our existence. What I want to do today is simply to skim the surface of your ignorance.

Take all the science fiction movies you’ve ever watched, terminator, matrix, the trueman show, Oblivion, Superman and put them all in one room. Now imagine that science fiction (which is a mere reflection of Christ) was actually true? It would frighten or fill you with a sort of strange joy wouldn’t it? Imagine now having to go out and talk to people about what you saw, felt and engaged with but none of the rest of them have seen it. Imagine how you’d be treated? “Quick, get the men in white coats.”

It frightened me and filled me with joy. I cannot talk about the nature of my conversion or how a brigand like me got here because my local priest has advised me never to do so. But all I can say is that it both gave me joy and frightened me at the same time, enough to change my life around and do a complete 180 degrees in the other direction. It came as such a shock to those that knew me.

I really love the Matrix because it’s incredibly close to how it really is. It’s important to note that the Matrix has some heresy in it like the ancient Greek philosophy “Monism”. Monism posits the idea that there is only one reality and that the world is an illusion and not real. The Catholic Church however believes in two realities the visible and the invisible so the world is a real place. Hindus and new age cults adopt Monism.

You encounter this Monism in the scene where Neo is observing the gifted boy bend the spoon. He explains to Neo that he’s capable of doing it because there is no spoon. This is entertaining to say the least but it’s lies and rubbish. There are two realities one is the world the other is the invisible which is our native land. In the Matrix there is the real world where real people who have awoken from their sleep live and the fake world where people live surrounded by ignorance.

Same here. In one world you’ve those living in ignorance and in the other those who’ve been given a little bit more. Unfortunately we are living in the world of ignorance and that includes priests and religious people. After their years of hard labor they’re given it when they die same with sinful people for whom it’s often too late.

Heaven is our Native land not just as some abstract place in the stars but in our hearts. The native land we all strive for is as St.Catherine of Siena says, “Self-Knowledge” or as more modern theologians put it, “Awareness”. Same thing. If you want to free your mind, self knowledge is the way says Jesus to Catherine in the 14th century. Awareness of the self and it is a Grace obtained by frequent visits to the Holy Sacraments and prayer.

When Saint Paul says we must put off our old ways he’s not only talking about your habit of porn or alcohol addiction. He’s talking about a complete revolution of your mind where you get rid of your “programming” by the culture and become a new enlightened creature whose false ideas on happiness and sorrow have now been reprogrammed by the Holy Spirit. While the world is real, these are the “illusory” desires Paul speaks of. They’re not real views, they’ve been taught to you by a sleeping culture under heavy influence by the demons.

What I’m speaking about is heavy material and I hope you’ve been able to follow me. It can frighten people or at least mess with their minds a bit. But that’s my goal, to frighten you and mess with your head. I want to take a stick and stir the pot. I want to purposefully throw you into the spiritual deep end. It’s not a strategy I’m proud of but because I was thrown in the deep end by Christ Himself I naturally assume everyone will respond to that strategy.

Maybe you don’t get it. No, Some people just don’t get it but it won’t stop me from trying to get them to smell the fragrance of the Rose. I will continue to knock the door of your head until I get inside. I may not be able to arouse everyone to the search for truth and meaning in their lives, but I’ll get some of you. Sometimes I feel like a man in a burning building. There’s so many souls to save and so little time to do it. In the end all you can do is grab as many as you can.

Come back to your faith if you have not been here in a long time. Stop looking as these eastern religions and rediscover the amazing truth your soul craves for. Everyone is looking for the truth even those in the Church but they’re sense of direction gets tangled up in the web of Satan’s cunning lies or new age cults and all that ignorance they were born into. The path out of this rotten world full of illusory desires is not easy. Even though I’m giving it to you on a plate on this blog, the demons will be quick to leap upon you should you accept my invitation to open that door. But don’t let that scare you, Jesus is there to protect you.

Open the door. Get out of the Hell you’re living in. Open the door and let the Grace of the Lord come upon you to FREE. . . YOUR. . . MIND. Come and embrace your new superhero’s such as Catherine of Siena, Francis of Assisi and Padre Pio (all had stigmata and some could be in two places at the one time). Neo and superman could fly but the real ones like St.Joseph of Cupertino really could fly. My Job is to somehow show you the Lord through your modern fictitious movies that are more a reflection of what is real than that which is mere fiction.

The real truth is out there. What are you waiting for? Your Father and your Mother want to know you. They Love you with a love greater than any Mother or Father on this earth can give. Listen to their voice and even though it doesn’t feel good to do so, go inside the Church, sit in their presence and take it step by step. Don’t look at the staircase, just take the first step. By that I mean don’t be looking at the Churches doctrines that clash with what you’ve been taught by the world. Ignore that and simply. . . begin the relationship.

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