My Ancestors Are In On The Whole Diaconate Calling

During my interview for the diaconate we spoke a lot about how the different experiences I had that would indicate a calling for my diaconate. I also think it was the first interview I’ve ever had in my life where I convinced them not to hire me.

Having gone from top to bottom of experiences I moved to my ancestors and said I’d done my ancestry tree around this time last year and discovered I came from a load of fishermen. I said I was down there shortly after being invited to the diaconate. I stood at the Shannon river where they fished for hundreds of years and I certainly saw the similarity in the Gospels of fishermen.

After they had left I began to meditate more on this. Sitting before my wall of golden icons glimmering in the evening light I swiveled on my chair lost in thought. I suddenly sat up and thought, “Ah, this was all set up by the Lord and they were in on it.”

Turning to my ancestors in whatever part of purgatory or heaven they may be, I said, “You’re all in on this, aren’t you?” I laughed, and the echo of their laughter could be heard as well. I began to feel the weight of these people I never knew all the way back to the 12th century pushing me to accept this calling.

The sudden interest in ancestry, the Godincidence of turning up in my Grandfathers city on his birthday, the dream of his Mother Annie and it being identical to the grave site months after the dream (proof it was of Divine origin). The visit to Ulick (my grandfather from 1560) castle and the discovery of Elias who came to Ireland from England in the 12th century. It was all one big plot to prepare me for the calling to the diaconate.

“Don’t let us down. Accept your fate” is what I hear them say, and, “Now is the time to rescue us from this place and bring back some honor to the McElligott name.” I can hear them say, “We built castles that fell to ruin, but now is your chance to build an eternal one in the name of the Lord, one that will last forever.”

Yes, they’ve got a point. There’s no Queen Elizabeth up in Heaven (or maybe there is but she’s a changed woman now hahaha). Well, lets leave the past behind and get busy praying for them and building something of a more eternal nature, that is to say an architectural monument of virtue in their honor. The stones for this castle are certainly there, but the laborers are few. I, an inexperienced sinful brick layer volunteer. Yeah, lets see what we can do here.

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