The Out Of Tune Guitar

Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

A little boy came to me from across the street and asked me to tune his brothers guitar. I took it and tuned it. Then he came back the next day and said, “He’s really upset you tuned the guitar and he purposefully put it out of tune again.” I laughed as he handed me the guitar for a second time. “Here” he asked, “Tune it again and this time we won’t tell him you tuned it. Maybe he won’t realize.” Some time had passed when the little brother came to me again, this time without the guitar and explained, “He discovered it had been tuned and then began to detune it again to suit himself”.

Souls behave in much the same way don’t we? The Lord keeps our souls in tune and we purposefully put it out of tune with sin. We want to suit ourselves and create our own melody. Our own tastes are always more important than what is appropriate. Often when evangelizing others I hear, “Nobody asked you to tune my guitar.” And, “My guitar is none of your business, stop forcing your worldview of music upon me.”

My response? O.K, tune the guitar however you like. That’s why the little brother gave up on his bigger brother and did not arrive this time with his brothers guitar. Why? Because children are smart. They realize that sometimes you have to allow people go their separate ways. Try as you may to tune them up, to keep the Orchestra of the universe sounding great, sometimes you got to let them play their own song.

To them the music sounds great, but to heaven, it sounds awful. In their own heads their view on life is amazing and even though all of Heaven knows better, you have to resolve to accepting nothing will change such souls. Do you have someone in your life whom you’re trying to bring back to Christ? Stop and realize that sometimes the best strategy is to let them walk their path and wait until they’re sick of it and decide to come and take a look themselves.

If children know when to give up so should you at times and let the one who never sleeps nor gives up calling them to himself take over. Pray for them that one day they’ll tune the guitar properly and stop dancing to their own melody. Pray that one day they’ll accept they’re not the great singers or musicians they think they are. That’s the problem we have which is to say the world is peopled with self styled philosophers who think they know it all. Once they go to Hell guess what their national anthem is? I DID IT MYYYYY WAYYYYY.

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