This Is For Catholics Who Are Lovers Of Church/Civil Politics And Drama

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

A man once said to me about a group of people that, “There’s no religion in them. They’re lovers of pleasure, soap operas and their lives are full of drama. They just exist.”

You know I could say the same about those of us in the Catholic Church? Lovers of Drama, the pleasure of community, soap operas and they’re addicted to Gossip. Some of them just exist as well.

I write this after my recent post on the Bishops reason to delay their decision to rebel against the insane Covid19 laws. I noticed a lot of increased activity on it that I’d never seen before. See? Lovers of drama that’s all you are.

Meanwhile my posts about changing oneself for the better, the Love of God and neighbour and the need to gain self-knowledge and awareness always get ignored. These people are usually small minded souls with no interest of the inner power of religion.

They’ve usually got an unhealthy obsession with political and civil affairs both within and outside the Church. idiots who think they can convert the world through politics and view Jesus as some sort of political figure that fought against the injustices of his day.

They’re mostly brought up into it by their parents who meant well but ended up destroying their minds with an unhealthy adoration of national culture and politics. “You have to fight it all you have to stand and fight the government” that kind of Stupid nonsense and they use Saints like Thomas More to justify their little pleasurable picketing this and that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against protest or politics and yes you have to make your voice heard both in the Church and outside it otherwise nothing would get done would it? I’m really speaking of those whose entire life revolves around one thing only to the neglect of their souls. Sometimes they even neglect their children in pursuit of these things.

Imbeciles with no sense of direction. Jack Sparrows compass has a better chance of getting us to Heaven than hanging around with dogs who love sniffing out drama and rubbish politics all the time.

Where is the desire to feed your souls with the true manna of heavenly knowledge? Where is the desire to transform the Will and abandon it for Gods Will? Why are we not doing these things?

Take a look at the internet. Michael Voris and all these Catholics claiming to be “red pilled” as if they’re enlightened or something going around publicizing the sins of priests on YouTube and the people love it. They lap it up. Ohhhh the scandal. . . the DRAMA. It makes me sick. It fills me with great sorrow to see souls being kicked by the demon into the fires of rigidity, rules, regulations, rigidity, academia.

It’s like the man who knows how to light fire but lost the art in making fire. There he sits with all the tools on how to make fire but there’s no fire. I say to you, who read this blog post. WHERE…IS….YOUR….FIRE? You’ve got the books, you’ve got your little academic studies in theology that your momma paid for but where is your FIRE? Where is your LOVE? Where is your concern and mercy for the other person?

Where is the inner power of this religion you so outwardly possess? Yes, your hair looks all lovely up in a bun like you’re some sort of 18th century puritan but inside the snake has nestled itself hasn’t it? A little poking, a little whack of the stick reveals a lot about you though doesn’t it?

I had a woman at my interview for the diaconate admire my wall full of icons. She said, “I see you’re quite the spiritual person anyway with all these icons.” HAHAHAHA. Me? Spiritual? I am the scum of the earth. Don’t be fooled by my icon wall. I did not say this too her because I was unsure how her soul would take it. I didn’t want to speak too intensely and frighten her.

But here on my blog, at least for now, I can be intense as I want to be. Don’t be fooled by that icon wall for many sins lay heavy on my soul. Don’t be fooled by my extensive library of Catherine Siena, John of the Cross, Philokalias and Spiritual combat etc etc. These mean nothing when I myself am full of dirt. We all are. But we must seek change. We need to spend our lives routing out this dirt from within our souls.

Very few of us do. All we want is Drama. Then we will wake up in Hell and say, “But Lord, I stood on the abortion picket line and protected the unborn child in your name. I created YouTube Channels and exposed all these indecent heretical priests and theologians in your name. I exorcised demons in your name and even through me you healed many sick people.”

And you know what he’ll say?

 ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’


The worlds most notorious murderers and rapists are getting into heaven before people such as this. Make sure that you never neglect the better part. Do not ignore the Lord. Do not go in search of worldly pleasures that have the appearance of religiousness about them. Do not get caught up in civil or Church politics and drama to the neglect of your love of God and repentance otherwise you will get the shock of your life when you see Christ stand before you as Judge and not your friend.

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