Why Bishops Waited So Long Before Rebelling Against Covid19 Rules On Confirmation and Communion

The Bishops in Ireland have decided to rebel against some of these insane Covid19 rules but many Catholics are attacking them for acting too late.

I don’t speak for the Bishops intentions but offering my own private opinion on why they waited so long to rebel against the rules and regulations proposed by government. TD Mattie McGrath speaking about the recent decision of the Bishops to rebel said,

‘I am disappointed at how long it took the bishops to find their feet. They have let down the flock. The bishops appear to have been behind the people, but they have at least caught up now.’

Mattie McGrath TD

Any time is right for people like Mattie and all of his political Catholic followers ruled by their rash spirit of “raise the fist now, rather than later” attitudes.

The Bishops played the long game. Yes, from the outset they could see Covid19 was being used as a hammer to nail the Church with. However, we did not know the seriousness of the virus and I think the Church initially responded in good faith.

They simply played the long game and waited for the levels of vaccination to reach such a level that the government would have no excuse anymore for locking up Churches. They also waited for the moment when the government would contradict itself. They did that recently by hosting large gatherings all over the country while not allowing a small gathering of 50 people for confirmation and Holy Communion.

Most of the country have been vaccinated, well over 74%. The general public are also starting to turn against the government along with the media and their constant panic porn news stories.

If the Bishops had acted sooner, without the country being near full vaccination, the government would have simply beat them with another stick. “You are putting lives at risk” they say, but the country is almost fully vaccinated and nearly 2 years in herd immunity has been near reached also.

Now the Bishops can rebel knowing that the government are the ones with egg on their face and not the Church. If I were in charge that’s exactly how I would’ve played it. But the very rash thinking by lay Catholics, politicians and even many clergy demonstrate their lack of discernment. They do nothing but degrade themselves by attacking the Bishops who had their well being and that of the Church in mind from the beginning.

No Mattie, the Bishops have not let down anyone, rather, in their long drawn out strategy they waited for the right moment. And as the country reaches full vaccination so will their rebellion increase. What is taking place is exactly what I predicted months ago but who follows this blog or listens to me? Nobody, except those called to do so.

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