Why Does God Withdraw His Light From Us?

So you’ve come into the Church and you’re full of the Holy Spirit. You’re dancing and singing. You’re going on pilgrimage and praying the rosary until your wee fingers go red raw. hahahaha. Love it.

Then a time will come when God will purposefully withdraw his light. He will allow you to plunge yourself into certain habitual sins and go back to the world. Why? So you can feel the difference. The difference between what? Between Light and darkness so you can discern what is good and what is bad.

Having come to experience the unmerited delights of heavenly grace and gaining knowledge of your native country you feel the diverse effects when plunged back into what is now considered a second language. And nobody ever feels comfortable speaking a second language or living in a country not their own, do they?

Being surrounded by this darkness it is expected of you to return to your Lord with even more fervor than the first time you laid eyes on your eternal Brother. At first glance, it would appear as though this soul has become like the dog that has returned indefinitely to lick his own vomit. While those cases certainly exist that is not so in this instance. Soon, sometimes its weeks, months and even at the hour of death itself, the Lord comes and triumphs in this soul, who although experiencing many crises of faith, is then introduced into the hall of famed Saints to the sound of heavenly trumpets.

The diverse feeling you get from the world of sin and Grace is important. Then there are those sadly who genuinely put their hand to the plough only to look back and never return. But Jesus is looking for the rock, the one who stands firm. You want to be a failure? Be a failure in the eyes of the world, but not that of Christ. Accept this apparent unholy failure in you as a great and immeasurable gift rather than a thorn.

Do what is expected of you. Lick the vomit and taste it for what it really is. Then, after getting sick in the toilet bowl of self-knowledge and awareness. . . RISE UP!!! Remain LOYAL!!! Be like St.Peter and keep on coming back to the Lord again and again and again. Be like a Hobnob biscuit in a cup of tea that can be dunked more than once and not fall apart. Be like the soldier with a body full of shrapnel keeps going until the mission is complete even if it should cost him his life.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your soul formed overnight so don’t give up at the first sight of trouble in you and realize that it’s all part of your training and transformation from being a worldly fool to a man of nobility worthy of the Kingdom of the Lord (even though you’ll never be worthy, who is?). Remember, if you don’t experience these things then you’ll end up spiritually deluded. You don’t wanna be one of those nutcases do you? No, of course not. Then accept all this spiritual training as a gift. If it makes you get sick, then get sick. Let it all out just as long as, like St.Peter, you crawl back for forgiveness and remain Loyal.

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