Why I Tell People To Go To Confession Before Offering Advice

Confession | St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

I’m no spiritual director but every now and again I’ll will have someone approach me looking either for some spiritual direction in their lives or to tell me their problems. It depends on the person but most of the time I ask them when the last time they went confession. I tell them to go to confession first and then we can talk.

Why? Because confession is an exorcism that delivers the soul from the demons that currently control the soul or have a negative influence in their lives. I don’t tell them this because I don’t want to spook them. When demons have control of the body this is nothing. It’s a scary spectacle to look at but the more scary one is where the demons, through sin possess the eternal soul.

When confession is made I usually never hear from the person again. If I do it’s usually them telling me how happy they are after having went. Why don’t I ever hear from them again? Because the medicine of Grace has done its job and now they’re happy they no longer need advice.

Even if they still needed the advice and it was necessary, spiritual advice is much more beneficial to a person who has confessed. It’s of no use to those currently weighed down from sin because their hearts have not been cleansed of the darkness that resides there. Depression, anger, envy or sorrow. All these things prevent a soul from growing a pair of ears to receive the advice and take it on board. Confession gets rid of that.

Think of a doctor who has a patient suffering with depression. For weeks he is counselling him until the patient agrees to taking medication. When the medication is taken, the Doctor rarely ever sees him. Why? Because the medicine is doing more than the Doctor ever could by chatting with the patient for an hour.

Confession is medicine for the soul. Yeah a bit of spiritual advice never done anyone any harm either before or after, but I prefer to give it after confession. And in most cases I never hear from them again. Confession is a great healer, not because you’re getting your problems heard and off your chest, but because you’re getting the Grace from the Sacrament and the demons that have weighed you down are getting obliterated.

But if we don’t repent and change our life around. If we don’t make a commitment following confession to keep going weekly/monthly then they’ll be back and with more rigor and enthusiasm than the first. Once they see you walking around all happy and your soul tidied and cleansed, they will not stand for it. Before your confession you had one demon following you around. But now after your conversion and confession you’ve declared war upon them and hell itself opens up and sends an army of them after you to bring you down.

But as long as you keep patiently going to confession once a week and going to Mass every Sunday, you have nothing to worry about. That is always my first bit of spiritual advice. . . go to confession, and thankfully in most cases, it’s usually my last because Grace has done more than any advice could ever do. If you have not gone in a while I invite you to reconsider. Watch what happens afterwards, your soul will feel much lighter and it will feel like you’re walking on air.

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