My Journey To Christ Began By Switching Off The Television

Image by Vidmir Raic from Pixabay

Since my coming to the faith in 2008 I have not watched public television or listened to the radio. Most of my news comes from whatever I see on social media or the home screen of my internet browser. I have a television and I love watching movies and documentaries on all subscription based platforms, I just don’t watch public T.V. I have a particular strong aversion for chat shows where rich celebrities interview other talented rich people as if they’re gods or something.

I grew up on public television and it was a part of the cultural diet I was fed by the poor social class I come from. My mother and sisters all watched soap operas that fed their existing base instinct to argue and hunger for drama in their lives.

As kids we are born into a particular type of culture and must deal with the hand we’ve been dealt with in this fallen world. For the poor (which makes up the majority of any country) the hand we are dealt is the toughest. We are manipulated by these artsy wealthy crowd so that we will vote for a type of society THEY want to live in. Lots of clever campaigning through use of the arts and public T.V achieves this.

Then I moved to Scotland where I ended up forming friendships with the more wealthy well educated kids. They did not watch public T.V and most of their time was spent reading or watching educational material that fed the mind. There was no religion in them and yet I was amazed at how well behaved and balanced they were in terms of human relationships.

They were not bad tempered nor exposed to the dangerous world I came from where short fuses were the norm. That is not to say they didn’t have their own problems as many of them listened to heavy metal and took lots of drugs. Most of these kids suffered from depression, listened to weird music and exhibited strange behaviour that was eccentric in nature. Educated as they were they lacked some life skills and experience of the real world of poor hard working people who form the majority of society. This made them more susceptible to manipulation from those of us with a streetwise background.

I began to see the pros and cons of each sector society and over time through experience of both formed some sort of character. By meeting these rich kids in Scotland I developed an appetite for reading, education and a taste for the philosophical. At our drunken and drugged up late night parties I observed them debating topics of a philosophical nature far beyond my capacity to stomach.

I found it boring and often became aggressive with them to shut up and talk about something else. However, as the old saying goes, those who lie down with dogs catch fleas and I ended up getting bitten by a desire for the philosophical myself.

With no television or internet my interest switched to things like hill walking, camping, rock climbing and writing music for my band at the time. there happened to be lots of daily visits to the pub and late night parties. Then I began asking questions myself and exploring the spiritual from wicca to Buddhism to Christianity. The Catholic Church was last on my mind mostly because it was easy to show contempt for the Church one is born into. I had also been pummeled by the well organized coup of the campaign against religion by Irish and world media.

That is ultimately what popular culture and public television is, the pulpit from which wealthy atheist think tanks (privately educated in Jesuit schools) seek to destroy the minds of the general public. Even though these kids lack life experience they’re incredibly creative and clever people. And some of them are more clever than they present themselves or appear at first glance.

These wealthy politicians are wise to the streetwise especially if they’ve come from a non academic background like myself and then become highly educated knowing exactly how to manipulate the poor sectors of society. When I say they’re easy to manipulate that’s not always entirely true either. Some of them are incredibly clever at forming the kind of culture and society they want using creative means to get there and one of them is television and popular culture.

This is why I intend to avoid having my kids exposed to television or at least minimizing the exposure to the degree that it will not play a major influence in forming who they are. Although not on paper, I am now highly educated in certain topics especially to do with human behaviour. Body Language, interrogation and interviewing techniques, mystical theology, philosophy, psychology and historical topics. Over the years the Lord has taught me how to harness all of these things with the undeserved graces he’s given me as a means to use me for his purposes known ultimately only to him alone.

I say this because the Church is full of different types of fish and everyone has their purpose and placement by the Lord for certain things. One can observe this in the Saints. Some where kind and gentle and others formidable creatures not to be reckoned with. One man was highly academic while the other was pastoral. Even the Popes you see this with Pope Francis being more pastoral than his predecessor Benedict XVI. All have their place in this Church.

Like Saint Paul I have experience of what it’s like to be poor, and have plenty. I have been exposed to the ignorance of the poor but also their wealth in love and virtue. I have been exposed to the academic world of wealthy children, but also the poverty of their broken moral compass. In this way I’ve developed a sort of psychological balance that helps me navigate all parts of the one ocean of society. It gives me the ability to help them all and bring Christ to them now that I know what makes them tick.

It was the Lord who gave me this appetite for the reading which eventually led to reading one of His greatest works of all time, True Life In God and converting me to the faith completely. I later learned my father had asked a seer to pray for me. Perhaps this ladies prayers is what contributed the nature of events that eventually led me here where I am today? And people say monks and religious are useless? hmmm.

How did it all begin? By turning off the pubic television and being exposed to a sector of society that placed greater emphasis on strengthening ones appetite to ask questions about the nature of the world and ones place in it. Get away from the devils pulpit that is popular culture and expose yourself to a new world. Liberation can only be found in switching off public T.V. Don’t get rid of your T.V, take that Devils weapon of mass intellectual destruction and turn it back on him. That’s what I do with my kids.

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