Raise Your Minds Above Your Existing Image of Jesus

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The Son of God came to us in the image of Jesus. Before that nobody knew what He looked like hence the reason why it was against the law to create images of him. Although one can create images of him that are blessed through the Church there is still the theology that requires we don’t do it when praying. In the eastern expression of theology imagining Jesus in your mind while praying is dangerous and can lead to spiritual delusions. The image we form of him in the mind is not blessed by the Church and therefore unholy. You don’t have to agree with it as it’s just an expression of theology but one I adhere to.

Today secular society has an image of religion that is corny and uncool. The irreligious culture children are now being born into is helping them form that image of religion as stupid, outdated and ancient. In Ireland we had a program in the 90s created by an Anti-Catholic atheist with the goal in mind of making the Catholic Church look dumb. It was a comedy about priests where they were depicted as buffoons and stupid. You had the alcoholic priest, the old ugly maid, the dumb priest, the clever priest but just when you think he sees sense is depicted as stupid like all the rest of them.

It’s stuff like this that really brainwashed a nation and turned it on religion to see it as less important than the rest of society. But the truth is, outside and inside of the Church the image we have of God is only there to help us relate to him. I’ll give you an example. Even though he was nailed in the wrists and not the hands he gives stigmata to Francis of Assisi in the palms of the hands. Why? Because this is how society knew and depicted him, as someone nailed to the Cross through the hands. Even though it wasn’t scientifically accurate Jesus bent down to our level in this way that’s how much he loves us and how united he desires to be with us.

He often shows himself to different cultures and people according to the souls readiness to receive him. This is why to one person he’s shown himself so they will say he looks one way, while a person from some other country will say “no he looked like this.” To the natural mind they are contradicting one another and telling lies. But to those who have studied theology and the supernatural will readily accept that Jesus simply presents himself to souls as an image they can relate to and accept.

When we think of Jesus we think of a man in old robes from 2000 years ago roaming around Jerusalem. When we look at the Catholic Church centuries of old rituals and rites dating back to the 4th century come to mind. The truth is that the truth, (that is Jesus) is always modern. It has always wrapped itself in the modern clothing of its day, which is why as the centuries progress and we look back on it, it’s easy for us to look at religion and Jesus as old-hat rather than something present and always more modern than the modern, more old than the old.

Think of that movie Highlander where McLeod (main character) is immortal. Throughout the centuries he’s been fighting this evil guy out to kill him. Focus now on the scene where they show McLeod moving through the centuries up until the modern 1980s. You will see he is depicted in all sorts of clothing and even changing his manner of speech whether he be in the 17th century or the 20th he adapts to the culture with clothing and speech. That’s a perfect reflection of Jesus.

Throughout the centuries the soldiers Christ sends from the other world (angels) and saints are frozen in time by the modern art of the day. This explains why Joan of Arc looks real old school in her armour on certain paintings while today St.Carlos of Acutis is shown dressed in modern sneakers and a backpack. All this is just imagery humans can understand and relate to for the existing time period.

All of these negative images the devil has formed in your mind through the ignorance of his little foot soldiers the media have their origin in him. In fact, the devil is an old school name lets call him something modern so you can relate to the concept of this being that absolutely hates you. I want to raise your minds above the 12th century horns and hooves so Lets call him what they do in the movie the Matrix which is to say “agents”. There you go, that’s a more modern term for him. He’s exactly like them it’s too scary.

He too adapts throughout the centuries to the prevailing culture of the day. He is also depicted has someone with horns and hooves in paintings of centuries ago. Man too has painted an image of him they can understand but he’s much more sci-fi and sophisticated than that simply human imagery tied to human sensibilities.

His ultimate goal is to drag people away from religion and get them looking at it all as something not modern or morally relevant to them anymore. And you know who he hates? Gods chosen, the McLeods of this world whom he awakens from their secular sleep sending them into our midst. Although he is after every soul, he hunts these ones like game. Why? Because they’re no longer living in ignorance as the others are and tend to spoil all his wicked plans. Even so, they only make little waves as the world is fallen and under his control, but they have the comfort of knowing that in the end Christ wins. In fact it is Christ who acts through them and like McLeod he changes and adapts as the centuries progress.

The only way you can escape is to have a spiritual revolution of the mind and when you do, suddenly you will be raised by God to see Him as He really is. Moses did and his hair went pure white as snow. If God were to truly reveal Himself to you in all his fullness you’d die. Therefore his appearances are done with great protection for the souls that see Him such is His love for us all.

Raise your mind above what your culture taught you to see Jesus. Raise your minds above seeing it all as “Stupid men dressed in funny hats from the 12th century”. Raise your mind above the cultural attitudes that have instructed you to see religion as old-school nonsense from a by-gone era. Believe me when I tell you that this is real, and it’s more present than the present, more modern than the modern and more ancient than the ancient. If you don’t seek out the truth you’ll be lost forever. At least meet me half way and read His latest modern work, True Life In God. http://www.tlig.org. The messages are free but you can buy the book online.

It’s time to get rid of ancient and modern concepts you have of religion and come meet the God who simply IS. I used the image above because I want to raise your mind above the waters of your own ignorance and see Him being really sci-fi in likeness. Because that’s how He really Is. I was worried when writing this post of doing spiritual damage to newcomers to the faith and whether or not the infirmity of your souls can receive what I’m saying. But I’m fine with throwing you into the deep end. I was thrown into it, and I want you to be thrown into it to. Sometimes it’s the only way.

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