The Pressure To Be Vaxxed And Knowing When To Debate

I found myself in parents house today and such is life you’re never quite prepared for how a conversation will turn. One minute you’re discussing Irish history and someone takes it in a completely new direction.

In front of my uncle and brother my father blurts out that I won’t get vaccinated. Suddenly, like a horde of angry bulls they all went crazy at me for not being vaccinated.

Recognizing the devils hand in the sudden shift and attack on myself, I decided to play my strategy. Although I can sit and argue my position, I know that my audience are not going to be readily receptive of that. There are people in this world who are so committed to their cause that even self defense and arguing with them will only serve to fuel their existing disgust towards your defiance.

I stated that I’m not anti-vaccination, but I won’t be availing of it this time around. I have been like this with all viral vaccines related to the common flu viruses. That was it. They shouted and screamed in disgust that I won’t be able to go anywhere if I don’t get it. I told them, with absolutely no pun intended that I’d, “Cross that bridge when I come to it. . . or maybe I won’t haha”.

It felt like being in a room of Nazi sympathizers complaining that I wasn’t putting on the swastika “like everybody else does” and getting on with my life in blind and naïve faith towards the “government”. Equipped as I was with the ability to debate the issue I knew that I’d be wasting my time and only risking the loss of my peace that afternoon should I respond with any meaningful debate. Being of the lower social classes their minds are ruled by their emotions so I wasn’t going there.

We all have to do that. There comes a moment in our lives when we must know if debate will be useful for the audience or only agitate them further. Then there are moments like St.Stephen the first martyr and St.Paul had where we have to debate and get beaten by the angry mob regardless. It’s a tough call but I prefer to follow the advice of St.Anthony the great who says not to bother with such people.

I am the same when working in sales. I always knew a tyre kicker when I saw one and I’d avoid them because time is money and there’s only 8 hours in a day. I always invite people to increase their chances of catching a soul by eliminating the time wasters or those you know are committed to being who they are. What you’re looking for are people on the fence like I was. They’re fed up of life and are questioning their place in this crazy world.

That’s the kind of person worth debating, because they’re open and asking questions anyway. They’re ready to receive it. I tend to go for that kind of person. As for people committed to their cause to the point they’re willing to kill me should I go ahead and debate them anyway. . . Forget it. What a waste of my precious time. I leave them to the prayers of the Church.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

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