Did God Create Hell And Is He Evil For Creating It?

May be art
Image taken by Stephen McEllligott

Is the Judge and society evil for creating prison? No, but the murderers must have some sort of place to go, right?

Hell is not a place as much as it is a state of mind. Hell came about because of an abuse of free will and so is merely a manifestation of itself permitted by God only because nothing impure can enter heaven. God creates but man abuses what God creates and so constructs for itself the kind of Hell it wants to live in.

Prison is like Hell on earth. Prison is the result of sin, and someone has to have a place to put all the crazies of society. We’d all love to put them in Rehab but some of them don’t even want that and desire to be in prison.

It’s the same with Hell, people WANT it. Even when they stand before Christ they still say no to him and go to Hell. He invites them to enter rehab (purgatory) but they still choose Hell. Their hatred for God even face to face when the soul leaves the body means they have to go somewhere. We can all agree that no insane murderer can remain a part of normal society, neither can anything impure enter Heaven.

Most of us will go to the fires of purgatory, similar to the burning of Hell only that it is a burning towards our salvation rather than eternal condemnation. God respects the free will of people to choose him. It’s not love if you have to force someone to love you is it? The Lord will not force you to love him. If you choose Hell then Hell is what you will get.

Is God evil for creating Hell? No, because true love does not force itself upon you, and it allows for the possibility of a creation of a place you’d rather be.

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