Catholics Who Claim Copyright Make Me Laugh

I laugh when I see “Copyright Joe Bloggs” on certain books and even laugh when I find myself doing it on my photographs. A lady came in one day to my shop and was annoyed I wouldn’t sign my photograph or that I sign them at all.

I explain that if what I say, or what I do does not contradict the morals of the faith, and it sounds and looks good then it comes from God. The gift of photography comes from the Lord, why should I lay claim to copyright or sign it as if it were my work? If I make some sort of theological opinion or writing about the Church what difference does it make if people know it came from me?

Perhaps if we all put “Unknown” on everything we write we’d be less inclined to lead the multitude of small minded souls to worship us? Because that is what they are inclined to do. Theologian worships theologian and they’re always congratulating one another in their small circles on their little papers that attack Pope Francis. Even if what they preach is Orthodox like a man who builds his house on sand they destroy the foundations of such virtue with their greed and lust of careerism and money.

I was witness to this before my approach to the faith in the music world. How I loved and sought nothing but the good opinion of the other. How I wanted nothing but to hear my name be screamed on stage and in the media. To me greatness was to reach the eagles nest of ones own ego, and as the mother fed its young so too I fed my desire to be worshipped all the more.

Now that I am in the Catholic Church, having known this behaviour I absolutely abhor it with all my beating sinful heart. I hate this sin. You see, being as I was in my former life, it takes one to know one. Like a pregnant woman, on learning of her recent pregnancy begins to see nothing but pregnant women, I am the same with the ego of which I’ve never fully routed out with the help of Christ.

I see them everywhere. Observe them now as they go abusing scriptures to justify their little weight in gold. Orthodox or not they take what is Holy and like pigs with pearls trample on them with their careerism. They possess the desire to be the hot shot on YouTube in front of the multitude of other ignorant little piggy’s who listen to them attentively awaiting the next piece of theological gossip about Pope Francis.

I laugh when I hear them call themselves, “Theologian” . HAHAHAHHAA. You are no theologian, only Christ is a theologian. What are we but the fragile jars through which the Lord pours such words of wisdom? It is from him the gift comes from and that title is reserved for him alone. I always laugh when someone refers to themselves as “theologian”. Hahahaha. I had one man, friend of the Bishop who presided over the parish at the time, and who was a high ranking “theologian” tell me that women could be priests and that contraception was fine and he had nothing but bad things to say about Pope John Paul II.

Yeah, theologian indeed. A dog and a pig with a snout full of pearls is what he was. Like snakes they crawl all over the altar of the Lord hissing as they do in anticipation of destroying the faith either by their radical conservatism or diabolical liberalism. They are ignorant foot soldiers of Satan out to do his dirty work and get their little 30 pieces of silver for all their hard labor. Eating and feasting off the revenues of the Church they flatter, wine and dine the Bishops with their skills of worldly oration and then pull them into the world of the lukewarm.

God forgive me for my harsh approach but the truth needs to be spoken even if it mean I am reproached even by the most balanced of priests and lay people. I don’t care. I care only for the souls of these people. Yes, love is patient and kind but it can also give you a slap on the rarest of occasion.

Get away from Careerist Catholics by they Orthodox or not who take their theological gifts and use them to earn money. Be like St.Paul who, although as a minister he had a right to these things, strived never to take them. Be like him who had a real job making simple tents. He’s the only one who speaks sense to me.

Copyright in the world is one thing, but copyright in the house of the Holy Spirit? hahaha, yeah, right.

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