The Death Of A Father Is Truly The Death Of A Hero

From the moment we are born he raises us, in our eyes he is our hero. In some cases for many he is the villain who remained a villain or the bad guy who eventually became the Hero. But in the end, still a father and flesh and blood. Yeah, he may have been irreligious and disconnected from his faith, lukewarm or close to it. None of that matters to the children he brought into this world as they will love him regardless.

He held you in his arms, guided you in your first steps and taught you how to ride your first bike. He may not have been religious but whatever wisdom he obtained from his experience in this broken and fallen world he passed it onto you. Whatever love he showed you, your family and the charity he gave to the community around him have all been to his benefit. Yeah, for the Lord looks at the ignorance in a man but also the decent path he took in his earthly life. Both are to his credit.

None of us are escaping the fires of purgatory but I think we can rest in the knowledge he has escaped the worst when departing this life. Yeah, he is your hero, but like with all hero’s once they die, become more powerful in the next life than the present one which is coming to a close. Now he intercedes for you in the heavens as you intercede for him here. Now you’re his hero every bit as much as he is yours.

Sorrow is good and it purifies the soul, but let your sorrow be divine and mingled with the joy of knowing God is merciful and has heard your prayers. Be confident that one day you will see him on the last day at the resurrection and you’ll never again lose sight of him for an eternity. Comfort yourself with these Divine inspirations and be at peace.

Grieve for him yes, but do not let your tears go to waste. Allow the Lord to collect them in the palm of his hand and pour them over the soul of your father. And once your grief has ceased, your tears have all but dried up and your soul fully cleansed, return to the work of your own salvation and patiently await the moment when you shall see not only him again, but all your fathers before him. It will be a place where together you shall worship the Father and Hero of us all.

This article is for a dear friend who recently lost their father and for everyone who lost their father.

God bless

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