What Is Truth? The Golden Mouth Chrysostom Explains

FrKevinEstabrook: September 13 2019 - St. John Chrysostom - Preach in and  out of season

I first developed an interest in John around 2011 when I baptized my first born into the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. I was introduced to his liturgy mostly which is 2 hours long. As the years progressed his works became an obsession of mine. In a way, abandoned by the local Church and unable to find a priest to help me with who I was, what I am, and why I’m here, he approached me and became a sort of spiritual father to me.

I have his many homilies both on audible and in written format. It’s mostly written in archaic language but you get used to it after a while. He has spoken to me many times through his homilies. What I mean to say is that I’ll be sitting thinking about the priesthood or becoming a deacon. I remember in recent weeks thinking how I’d make a horrible deacon I’m far too rough around the edges. Then suddenly, without warning I’ll play his homily in my car and it will be about the priesthood and right away he’s saying, “one is chosen because he’s kind and gentle, another because he is formidable and daring”.

It happens a lot with True Life In God messages, saintly books, and the Bible where the Saints and Jesus reach out to us. It’s the most common form of Jesus conversing with us among the faithful and many experience it. The ungodly experience such graces to bring them into the faith and those of faith receive it to help strengthen their faith and to help give them a certain push in the direction God wants them to go.

This happened today where I laid back on my chair and a local woman shared the segment of a local priests homily on Truth. Lying back in my chair I sat and thought about truth. What is truth? hmmm. A few minutes later my book of homilies on the Gospel of St. John Chrysostom arrived. It’s one of those books so thick it could stop a bullet or two. Grabbing it I rushed to open it to get a good sniff of the pages. I love the smell of a newly pressed book, don’t you? No? O.K don’t judge me then. haha.

Then my eyes focused in on the following passage from his homily regarding TRUTH. Here St.John taught me what truth is seeing as I pondered it. This is typical of St.John, even after he’s long passed away into eternal glory, he continues to preach. I said to him, “You’re only in the door and already you’re preaching to me and chatting away with me, eh? Most people at least sit down and have a cup of tea or something, but not you John, there’s simply no time to lose when it comes to you. Hahahaha!”

Now, here’s that passage for you to enjoy. Don’t know who John is? Look him up, you’ll learn to love him as I did.

Nothing can be clearer or mightier than the truth, just as nothing is weaker than falsehood, though it be shaded by ten thousand veils. For even so it is easily detected, it easily melts away.

But truth stands forth unveiled for all that will behold her beauty; she seeks no concealment, dreads no danger, trembles at no plots, desires not glory from the many, is accountable to no mortal thing, but stands above them all, is the object of ten thousand secret plots, yet remains unconquerable, and guards as in a sure fortress these who fly to her by her own exceeding might, who avoid seeking lurking places, and sets what is hers before all men.

And this Christ conversing with Pilate declared, when He said, “I ever taught openly, and in secret have I said nothing.

St.John Chrysostom, on the Gospel of St.John, Homily 29, p.154

As Connor MacLeod said in the movie Highlander: “There can only be ONE.” 😉

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