Irish Catholic Schools Are Under Threat

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

For those of you who don’t know, Ireland is predominantly a Catholic Country. The Church owns the majority of the schools and it belongs to them. Irish Taxpayers the majority of whom show preference to sending their kids to these schools (even though they themselves are not Catholic) pay for this in addition to the minority who’d rather not.

There is a heavy push to remove Catholic formation in the Sacraments from school hours. It’s seen as just not that important. By the way the people calling for this are not just the irreligious blue haired futuristic lefties, but by the Catholics themselves who attend Mass every Sunday. Ah, some things never change do they? For in the year 387 A.D when giving a homily to the Catholics of the day, St.John Chrysostom scolded them for saying that the learning of ones faith was less important than the sciences.

Yeah, how spooky is that? No, not surprising at all that the Devils tactics never change. And it is a case again of the wolf wrapped up in the sheep’s clothing of “equality” and “fairness for all”. But a little prodding of the stick of discernment reveals that the push to remove religion and indeed Catholicism from our state funded Catholic schools, demonstrates inequality and unfairness.

Tell me, where is the fairness and equality in imposing your philosophical view of what education is upon any school with a primary religious ethos? What fairness is involved by entering an Islamic school of thought and declaring we shall now teach all religions or none at all? Where is the equality in that? Where is the freedom? “We are going to do it my way or the high way” and we are told that’s equality and that’s fairness. “I will impose upon you my concept of what it means to be free, fair and equal and you will LIKE IT. And we are told that’s fairness and equality. Ha! Likewise we are told, “If the majority of the people want it then why not?” Yes, according to them truth is defined by a majority opinion. How stupid can you get?

And don’t get me started on the Catholics who support this. They buckle in compromise to the secular culture thus exposing their spiritual peasant minds for all to see and angering the Lord himself. Woah! There they go now, these small minded souls like seeds surrounded by the thorns of this world unable to sprout into anything decent making certain their eternal abode in the flames of Hell.

They say, “The work of math, science and knowing the exact location of where my miserable little soul was born (geography) is more important.” They put earthly matters before that of heavenly as St.John advised. How can we anger the Lord more than this? How is it we have stooped so low that we allow our conscience be moved to vote for gay marriage, the killing of the unborn and the stripping down of religion in our schools and it’s CATHOLICS calling for Christs blood?

There they shamelessly wander, their souls already on fire with the thought of crucifying Jesus to the Cross and to betray him. To receive their 30 pieces of silver in the form of worldly admiration. O.K. Let them be, they will face the Lord one day. Pray for their souls and leave them to the Lord.

One man said to me indicating that the Church is dead quoting Bob Dylan, “The times are a-changing”. He was gleeful at the sight of the demise of the Catholic faith.

I told him we will outlive this generation. Where are the Egyptians? Bottom of the red sea. Where are the once mighty modern civilization that are the Romans? Dead. Where is King Henry the VIII? 6 feet under and with nothing but a rotten legacy left for people to observe for the rest of time. Where is the secular government of 1870s? Who can name all of the politicians that walked among us in those decades? Nobody. The truth is that todays government, nobody will care for them either.

The only thing that changes are peoples hearts towards God. One century they love Him and the next they want to Crucify Him. But Gods heart never changes towards us. He will always be here, his Church is built on the Rock of Peter and he is here to stay. The Church has outlived all these and she never compromises with the spirit of the age. That’s the Church made of real men. it’s the Church made of real saintly women who shed their blood for such immovable and unchangeable truth. That’s the rebellion I belong to and I LOVE IT.

After all, if what the Lord has made is not broken, why fix it? The times are A-changin. . . but one day, as it did years after the fall of Rome, it will come back again and with more rigor and enthusiasm than the previous. Yes, Pharaoh thought he had won, King Henry VIII thought he had won. This existing Irish government think they’ve won cheering in the halls of their wealth and debauchery. The truth is you all think you’re winning but as your evil fathers before you testify, only Christ can be the victor. He has already won and it is he who will swallow you up in the Red Sea of truth and bring you back to reality one day. Yeah, enjoy the illusion. . . while it lasts.


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