Ireland Returns To Pagan Roots

I was browsing today in Homesavers waiting for my car to have a new dashcam fixed. I really hate shopping unless it’s for gadgets because every man loves a good gadget don’t they? Places like homesavers, Pennies and other clothes shops I really can’t stand them. I still have the same pair of trousers since I was 20 years old (coming 37 soon). When I do shop I go stylish but I rarely shop for clothes these days.

To add to my already rotten experience I come across these Buddha statues lining the shelves. I don’t know about you, but prior to my conversion and after it, the general public just know how to reach a part of my brain that makes it go BOOM. In addition to these statues were pagan stuff like tribal circles, dream catchers and Hindu gods.

Wow, I said to my wife, “look, society has not changed”. I explained that archaeologists in Israel discovered in their digs pagan gods mixed with that of the true Jewish religion of the time. Back then they discovered that the Jews had pagan idols in their homes often mixing their religion with that of others.

Today is no different. I will walk into a baptized Catholics house and they’ll have a picture of the Sacred heart on the wall. And then on the window sill they’ll have a big funny shaped Chrystal that they’re leaving out so it can get charged by the light of the moon. There are books in Catholic shops on new age angel cards and mindfulness.

Absolute and utter rubbish isn’t it? And it’s the kind of rubbish that has been going on since 5000 BC and even earlier all the way back to Moses. While Moses left to get the ten commandments, they all got bored and crafted for themselves a big golden calf to worship. Blinded by the illusion of progress in technology and science, we never stop to think how we’ve never changed. We are always building the golden calf aren’t we?

But one thing you will not see statues of in a supermarket is Jesus, Mary or the Saints. No, Christianity has no place in secular society anymore and like the mixed race of Northern Israel we’ve become a bunch of harlots whoring around the courts of the devil. We are like the wives of the godless heathen who possess no staying power. We open our legs to every strange doctrine that comes our way and then run back to our husband thinking he doesn’t see what it is we do under the cover of darkness. Scum of the earth is what we’ve become.

What husband, seeing his wife play the harlot like this will not come to her rescue and try to bring her back to her senses? A husband who loves her that is who for other husbands, having discovered the affair, would beat their wives and their lovers. And what are we? We are like the unfaithful wives who abuse such mercy and love of a real man and carry on sinning.

What happens to the unfaithful wife who keeps acting the whore? She gets a sexually transmitted disease. What did we get for our whoring around? We got a spiritually transmitted disease and that’s what we get for all our whoring around with doctrines of the devils. Abortion, gay marriage, gay adoption and trying to erase Jesus from the Christian west.

At the moment they don’t understand the Lord they have and yet they go ahead and bring in other gods they’ve no grasp on either. Take for instance this whole Buddhist philosophy the western world has adopted. These Buddhists don’t accept homosexuality and the Dalai Lama has repeatedly stated this. How does the west respond? By sticking its fingers in its ears and going, “lalalalalalala. We still love Buddhism but we didn’t hear that bit”. Then they form their own Buddhist school of thought to get around such teaching. Not content with bastardizing their own faith they take that of another and do the same.

See? Weak. Western society forms religions according to their own tastes just as St.Jude said in scriptures speaking of the end times. Here is that quote where he continues to talk to us about what the apostles said:

Who told you, that in the last time there should come mockers, walking according to their own desires in ungodlinesses.


They take even the pagan religions and twist them to form them according to how they see the world. Christianity is too hard for them. It makes too many demands of us. It is the ultimate and last rebellion in this world and while all others like Mohammad and Buddha have died their corpses rotted away, only CHRIST HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE!!!!

Yes! Come back Ireland to your Catholic faith. Stop tinkering around with gods and so called prophets who remain deaf to your calls and start praying to the one and only True God. There is no reincarnation and you’re not coming back as your favourite dog or fish. There is no second or third time, you get to do it only once. As Liam Gallagher said in one of his recent songs, “You only get to do it once”.

These photos are proof that we are living in those end times Jude alludes to. 50 years ago you would not have seen these statues in a protestant supermarket never mind a Catholic country. It’s time you recognized the signs of the times Ireland and come back to your senses, back to your husband.

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