What Am I Going To Encounter Today Lord?

I woke up today a little worse for wear. We have been sleeping in my mother and fathers house as my wife refuses to go back to our house. Those of you following the blog will understand.

In recent days as you know the demonic activity has increased tenfold in my house, life and in general. I feel like a black cloud that no matter where I go others as well as myself are in trouble. The fact that my sins contribute to these tragedies only serves to frighten me all the more. As you know there has been an enormous amount of traffic accidents happening all around me.

Sleeping on a couch isn’t easy, but I’ll sleep anywhere. In my younger years I slept in a tent, on a mattress on the floor, on the actual hared floor and in nice beds too. I’ve slept everywhere. I’ve had the joy of being in comfort and the sorrow of experiencing discomfort. Although I’d choose comfort over discomfort like any other sane human being I have learned to live content with both. It’s how I grew up.

With my back aching a bit I removed the small blanket from me and wandered up stairs to view my beautiful family all sleeping in the bed together. I did try to get in last night but my big lanky self wasn’t fitting in so couch it was for me.

I came down stairs, peered out the window and thought, “What surprises have you got in store for me today Lord? How will this thing try to kill me today? We wait and see. He’s doing me a favour if you ask me, just make sure I’ve had my confession heard first, O.K?”. haha.

Then I get a text from the local diocesan diaconate and the deacon tells me the board have agreed to advance me to the first year of the diaconate. I was notified that the final word will be with the Archbishop and they’ve sent him the recommendation. At the end of the e-mail I was surprised by the, “P.S you must be doubly vaccinated”.

Now, you all know how much I don’t want to get vaccinated and disagree with all of it. I said to the Lord, “You never cease to fail me when it comes to surprises and so my day begins.”

I reflected on this. At first I thought of two options available to me to get around this. If the calling is real both of these options would be viable with one being of more benefit than the other. The first option was to admit that while I’m certainly being called, that does not mean the timing is right. This call for vaccination could be an indication that I may have to wait around until this whole mask wearing vaccination nonsense blows over. However, the caveat to that is it may never blow over and I would be wrong to make such baseless assumptions. The requirement may continue for many years.

My second option was to accept the requirement and get vaccinated. In doing this I’m pleasing the Lord and again proving the call is real by simply accepting the conditions that must be met. People need to remember that even though the Lord sees through all this mask wearing, lockdown and vaccination scam, obedience to his church is important even if that obedience results in death.

And I did think about that. I thought about the remote possibility of an adverse reaction and dying and I also pondered the ethics of the vaccine to do with abortion. Even though the Vatican has declared them remote they’re still remote aren’t they? Anyway, I know that in the event of all this, I have obeyed the Church and pleased the Lord and that makes me content.

You see, in the Church (which differs to the functionality of the world) we must set aside our own Will if we are to make progress. I know many people will be surprised to hear I’m going to get vaccinated but let it be a testimony and example to all on obedience to the Church even to the sacrifice of ones own desires. Let this sacrifice of mine also testify to the great love I have for all of you and my desire to restore the Lords Church however small of a brick layer I may appear. Small sacrifices, small steps. Lay your life down for the Sheep yes but also lay down your personal interests to save the other.

St.Paul really disliked circumcision and he preached against it. But he sacrificed this truth simply to save the other. I’m going to do the same. Why? because I love God, his Church, my wife, my children and I love you to. If the Devil thinks some sort of stupid vaccine is going to stop Gods Will from happening then he’s another thing coming. I take the vaccine and have adverse effects? Gods Will be done and it will not be on my head but the man who ordered it. If I don’t and you see me in four years on the front page of the Sunday world being pelted by the heathen? Then you’ll know Gods Will is being done.

All that matters is Gods Will. It’s the only thing that matters. Everyone and everything else can take a hike when it comes to the Will of the Lord. Never follow your own Will, always discern Gods Will and follow it all the way to the Cross. Why? Because just around the corner is the Resurrection.

By the way when it comes to the crazy amount of Car accidents I’ve been witness to in the last few days another one nearly occurred. I was on a roundabout and a person almost rammed into me and wouldn’t let me make my turn off the roundabout. She had inappropriately used the wrong lane. There was a bit of a scream and in my usual fashion I gave the horn a good beep. I got it all on dash cam. I bought a dash cam to help me out because of the increase in near accidents I’ve been having all week.

It’s WAR out there and I’m a big target of his. woohoooooooo. The Lord rebuke you satan, the Lord rebuke you.

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