Can We Use Curse Words When Evangelizing?

Yes, It’s O.K only don’t allow some newly convert see you do it as you may damage his conscience a bit. He may see you as this Holy person who taught him not to curse and get the wrong idea. I will do anything to evangelize. I don’t drink but If I thought taking you out for a few pints would do the trick of getting you to Mass on Sunday I’d do it.

Evangelizing is a dirty business for those serious about it. If you want to be successful at it you must drop the fear of breaking certain rules in order to do it. St.Paul often did the same and sacrificed who he was in order to save souls. The very rules he promoted he broke to achieve this end. It is O.K to curse, sometimes get drunk and even tell lies to trick others with the righteous end of saving them. I do it except I’ve never really had to get drunk I must admit.

Those of us who are spiritually weak should not engage in these things as even the strong ones can succumb to the world again if they’re not careful. You can build bad habits for yourself so make sure that you seldom engage in it. Not only that but the more young in the faith among us (by that I mean that sometimes even people who are in the Church decades who have not flown from the nest of spiritual immaturity) can really get destroyed by the devil doing this.

Not everyone in the Church evangelizes the same way and it is a mixed back of tricks. But some tricks work better than others, never forget that. There are people who cannot stomach to do what I’m talking about. They’re from a certain type of social background and cannot behave any other way or put on an act like St.Paul used to do. That’s fine, it’s O.K to admit your weakness it pleases the Lord that we say, “No, can’t do that, but I can at least do this”. Any contribution in acceptable to the Lord and whatever a man can afford to give he’ll take. However evangelists who are willing to go completely undercover do better than the former.

Go! but tread carefully because the human spirit is weak and you could end up becoming worldly again by engaging in the behaviour. There was one journalist who went to live with an atheist tribe in the Amazon Jungle and through lying down with the dogs he caught fleas and became one himself. Therefore much caution and lots of prayer and good use of the Sacrament of Penance and the Holy Eucharist is required before sailing that type of ship.

But when it comes to evangelizing, while I’m spiritually immature myself, having lots to learn, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. I’ll literally bungee jump from the Niagara Falls just to get your foot in the door of the Lords Church. I’ll go into the most seedy nightclubs and the darkest caves of humanity to shed the Light of God But it has to be done with great care because members of the community and the Church will be observing my behaviour and I may cause scandal among the community if I’m preaching one thing and seen doing another. They won’t be able to (unless you tell them) grasp WHY it is you’re doing it and you could end up in hot water.

Go ahead, get a profile of who the person you’re evangelizing is and mirror their body language, behaviour and manner of speech back at them. If you don’t it will make them feel uncomfortable and you might end up losing them to the devil and the world again. The devil is clever you know? In my younger years I had one guy talk to me at the bar and we were having a drink. His mouth was an absolute sewer you wouldn’t believe it. I mirrored his body language and manner of speaking back at him but not the bad language.

He did not know me but suddenly the Devil through him said, “I notice you don’t say curse words, are you a Christian?” It was so bizarre and it put the hairs up on the back of my neck. Feeling the presence of the demonic in my stupidity I said yes, would you like to hear my conversion story? When it got to the supernatural part of my conversion the devil took hold of the man and he screamed obscenities at me.

“You fucking…you fuck… fucking bastard….where was God when my mother was dying? Fuck you”. It was bizarre. He shrieked and ran from the bar. He wanted to kill me but the Lord preserved me that night and held him back.

You see how the devil routed me out? If you go in speaking like the Queens sister in the Bronx somewhere the devil will do the same with you as he did me. He’ll destroy you through these people. You’re less likely to save everyone if you only stick to one personality or manner of speech. If I was in charge of placing people in the parish into different activities I would give like for like treatment and place them with their own kind of people where they’ll thrive best.

You have to be careful when evangelizing, it’s a dirty rotten dangerous game and over the years I myself had developed bad habits I had to get rid of by doing it. This is because we are very weak and so great care needs to be taken to shield ourselves from becoming worldly again. There are moments I have when I say to myself, “Why oh WHY did you leave that monastery cell and go back into the world?” But I think it’s because God wanted me to. Now, here I am, on this blog passing on some of my experience to other Christians in the hope that it will help them. I’ve seen too many Christians fail at evangelizing because they’re unwilling to break some rules. It’s up to them but when it comes to saving souls? I don’t give a monkeys and will simply do what it takes.

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