Irelands New Mindless Religion

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Ireland’s new religion is one that has no room for God or the Catholicism of their youth. I pondered this truth as I sat on the priests beach today observing a circle of women in quiet meditation with one another.

They call it “mindfulness” but I call it “mindlessness” because it lacks any substance and most especially is not mindful of itself and of God. Sometimes they may include some talk about God but it’s always a self-philosophized version of him. The Lord is not the painter who forms them, rather they form him. They’re the ones with all the brushes in hand and they get to paint whatever picture they want of God and morals to suit their personal tastes.

It’s all too easy to criticize them isn’t it? I thought to myself, “at least they believe in something. What I’m witness to here is a heart that longs for God but our broken free will means we never quite reach our goal.”

Ireland may no longer be interested in Catholicism but we are still a spiritual nation. The heavily invested interest in wicca, yoga, Buddhism and other eastern religions that make no real demands on us like Christianity does is proof of this.

Would you make fun of a disabled person? Why make fun of those in search of happiness in their lives? I think we should do what Saint Paul does and be the one who says, “This God you worship, He has no name, but I know Him, I know His name.”

St.Paul preached to a society unfamiliar with Christianity. He had to stand on street corners and at that time this strategy worked for him. Would walking into that circle of women and talking about Jesus have helped today? No! Why? Because in 2021 we are now preaching to a culture very familiar with Christianity and who have lost the faith. We must find more modern unassuming ways to preach to them.

I would argue sometimes leaving them to their own devices and allowing them to become entangled in the mess until they’re sick of it is a good way of preaching also. One way to preach to someone is to say nothing at all and simply go about your business of serving the Lord. My conversion came not from people preaching to me but from being sick of looking for happiness in places it couldn’t be found.

It’s only when we are sick of something and drop our biases can we really begin an honest search for what the heart longs for. Yeah, it’s exactly as St.Augustine put it when he said, “My heart is restless, Lord, until it rests in you.”

What I saw on the beach today were restless souls looking for God and that made me both sorrowful and happy. Sorrowful because I know what it is they’re looking for but have not found, and happy because at least they’re searching whereas many have given into despair and the pleasures of this world with no thought for their souls.

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