Vainglory Is An Intoxicating Disease Difficult To Recover From

We are slaves to the good opinion and praise of others. Indeed, it is a stronger drug than Heroin and everyone is addicted. Seeking out the praise of others is so addictive that we are even willing to sell our souls and truth itself to obtain it. The drug addict will beat and rob his granny to feed his addiction no less than the vainglorious person will beat the Lord and truth itself to feed his desire to get the drug of praise from the world.

Observe and you will witness how people are willing to sacrifice the truth because they enjoy being right, to maintain a high rank among their peers or a concoction of the two. They assume themselves masters of their own lives when really they are a slave to the many masters who have chained their souls to the lamp post of vainglory.

This is why evidence of God can never be sufficient for the atheist because his heart is in the grip of vainglory and stubborn hatred. He’s no different to the Jews who could see that Jesus was the Lord but feared being thrown from the Synagogue so they hated Jesus for no good reason at all. Others were blinded by their own ego and desire to be “right” all the time and were literally stubborn.

A person in the grip of sexual misconduct, heroin, anger are more easily recovered than those under the influence of this kind of passion of soul. I know this passion. I’m very much familiar with it as I once had been a musician whose whole mind was bent on world domination and to be loved and adored. They say it takes one to know one and I certainly do. I’m like a smoker who no longer smokes and cannot stand the smell of it.

That is what I am like now in the presence of someone gripped by this passion. It stinks to be standing within even an earshot of such a soul. At the same time I remind myself that I too was stinky. Now it’s my job to take the hose of Gods Grace, spray them with it and clean them up a bit.

I despise this passion and anyone engaged in it I avoid more than Covid19. I’d rather lick a thousand door handles infected with Covid19 than be placed in a room with someone who has this disease, why? Because I’m so weak that if I lay down with such a dog I’d be sure to catch fleas.

Covid19 may destroy the body, but vainglory would truly destroy the soul.

I’ve had some complaints my posts are long. Going forward I’ve decided to split them into part one and two to help those who lack the time to read. In part 2 of this post on vainglory I will describe where it comes from and what we can do to minimize the damage. Remember that unless it be a miracle of sorts we can never truly put out the whole fire only get it to the point where nothing but embers can be seen. We only need to keep it that way for the wind of vainglory can soon fan the embers and put the soul on fire once again.

See you in a few days for part 2 which I call REHAB FOR THE ADDICTION TO THE DRUG OF PRAISE HAHAHAHA.

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