We Make Nothing But Excuses, Excuses And More Excuses

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

In the Kingdom of God there are no such thing as excuses but that’s all we make when it comes to spiritual matters. You say, “Why should I give money to my local Church when the Vatican has millions?” Instead you throw coppers into the collection plate and give the majority of your money to the publican on a Saturday night and spoil your friends with drinks giving the multi million industry of alcohol brands your money instead. You absolute sluggish minded fool of a person to think that you can outsmart the Lord with your self-styled philosophical talk concerning the Churches finances.

“I don’t have time to read the Bible or teach my children religion because I’m tired after a hard days work”. No, but you’ve plenty of time to take your children to see the latest movie at the theatres. You have all the time in the world to watch Netflix and play your Xbox yet cannot spend 20 minutes to teach your sons their religious faith. You go to Church every week and yet make these petty excuses.

There you sit in the back of the Church as if somehow you think that’s a humble position to take not daring to sit in the front pew. Yet, while your body is in the back, your prideful heart sits at the very front declaring yourself the theologian who has an excuse and answer for everything. Of what use is it to sit at the back of the Church and choose the lowest place to sit if your heart has already chosen the highest throne and is steeped in the mother of all sin. . . pride?

If this post sounds harsh to you it’s only because I love you. Isn’t it better to get a harsh word from a good friend than a kiss from your enemy? It’s time to wake up and stop making excuses for your inability to learn your faith. I don’t gain anything from this so why do I bother writing like this? Because I know those of you reading this can take it. It’s the type of harsh language you use when berating the faith that gave birth to you in the Spirit so I come down to your level and speak to you likewise in the same language.

The Crusaders had to do the same. The only language Islam knew was that of Violence and so as a last resort the Church had no option but to take that path out of self defense. She had to lower herself to speak their language to eliminate them from Europe.

Love is patient and kind but there are rare moments when it can shake you back to your senses again. WAKE UP! People with a sincere interest in the salvation of your souls cry these things. The false ones simply congratulate you in your sin only because they’re cowards who cannot bear to confront you to your face for fear of what you may think of them. This and also because you may be someone of financial benefit to them and so they’re using you for some reason. Yes, priests and Bishops are known to do that you know? “Hmmm I can’t say that to her, she contributes large sums of money to the parish revenue to help with the bills. I’ll delude myself into thinking I can’t be straight with them because I would risk damaging the greater need which is to keep the doors of the Church open.”

NONSENSE!!!! ALL OF IT!!!!. Much better have a Closed Church and have Mass said in my kitchen than lose my soul and theirs to the Devil.

Is that really the kind of people you want in your life? Cowboys the lot of them meanwhile you trample upon and overlook those who simply want to help you. Why? Because you enjoy your sin and hate the light. You prefer to cling to your ball and chain of self-esteem and self-love deluded by the illusion such a disposition brings you happiness and dare even to say it’s Gods Will. Go ahead and take that road if it suits you to do so.

But here today I’m telling you to stop making excuses before the Lord who sees all and knows all. You may go to Church every week and make pretend you’re some sort of educated person, but the Lord knows you, he sees you more than you see yourself and you can’t fool him. Stop playing the self styled philosopher and make some time for the Lord. This is for your benefit and mine because as a Christian I will be held to account for holding back for fear of what everyone might think of me, the clergy for assuming me to be too “rigid” and the lay people for being much the same.

In the end it doesn’t matter where I go. If I correct the rigid I’m called liberal and too loose and if I correct the liberals I’m accused of being too rigid. Yes, it’s times like that when I know where I stand with the Lord, and although it’s sorrowful to endure such insults at the same time it gives me great joy too and I open my little treasure chest and place them there for the world to come.

No excuses in the house of the Lord. Accuse yourself and get results, it’s the only way.

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